Find vs Begins With in Search Windows

Acctivate search windows use a Multi Field Search which looks for data in several different fields at once. The multi field search can also look for a character that is anywhere in the text for the values in those fields. For

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Purchase Order GL Expense Account for Inventoried Products

On the Purchase Order window, when entering products, users may notice the GL Expense Account field and believe a GL Account needs to be selected.  For inventoried products, Acctivate will always use the Warehouse Purchases account, which is selected on the warehouse

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Sort Columns In Look Up Windows

Starting in Acctivate 10.2, users will have the ability to sort data in every column of every look up window in Acctivate. This feature will allow a user to sort any column in the lookup for Customers, Sales Orders, Products etc.

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Prepay Vendor Purchase Order

Some Vendors may require you prepay a portion or all of a Purchase Order. To accommodate this, you would write the check to the vendor from QuickBooks for the prepayment amount. Once you receive the bill from the vendor, you would

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Understanding Sales Order and Purchase Order Date Fields

The Sales Order and Purchase Order window in Acctivate contain date fields which can be used to manage your sales and purchasing processes. The date fields can be used to determine when a sales order is due to your customer or when you

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Void Purchase Invoice

Occasionally, the need arises to void a Purchase Invoice due to mistakes or needing to update some of the information. The steps to void a PO Invoice are listed below: Open the Purchase Order lined to the PO Invoice from the Purchase Order

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Sync Warning “Invoice Amount has changed”

From time to time you may notice a sync warning stating something like: “2016/02/24 14:12:57 Warning Invoice The amount of invoice B3350Z has changed from $10.00 in Acctivate to $20.00 in QuickBooks.“ First, it’s important to understand that these are

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Include quantities on POs in available quantity

Acctivate has the option to include quantities on POs in the available quantity. When this option is enabled, quantities of items that are on Purchase Orders, but have not been received, will be included in the warehouse’s available quantity. This allows

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“Missing GL Expense account…” error trying to create Purchase Invoice

The following message may appear when creating a Purchase Invoice when expense account has not been selected on PO: Missing GL Expense account for line number 1, Purchase Invoice was not created The expense account for a PO line is

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“There were no posted transactions found…” may be received when creating a Landed Cost session

This message may appear whenever creating a landed cost session from the PO Invoice window when the Approved amount is for items that have not been received yet. This message appeared here because the items that were received are not

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