Setting a default printer for Acctivate

The default printer for Acctivate is based upon the default printer for windows. To review what printer is the current default, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. The default printer is going to have

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Customer Type

Customers in Acctivate can be categorized in different Types. This article will cover how to create new Customer Types, and how to assign them to Customers, as well as some ways that the Customer Type can be used in Acctivate.

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Database impact of voiding a transaction

Starting with Acctivate 10.2, users will be able to void inventory transactions.  Report writers and consultants may need to understand the impacts of voiding a transaction from within the database tables so these voided transactions properly excluded from reports and other database

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Should Scheduled Items be Included in a Count?

In preparing to do an inventory count, you’ll need to consider scheduled items along with non-scheduled items. Scheduled items are still a part of your inventory at the time of performing the count and will therefore need to be included in

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Print Order Forms from Business Alerts

Utilizing Business Alerts for your Sales Order Management can be an extremely efficient tool when processing multiple orders at a time. Not only can users Schedule Sales Orders based on certain criteria like Type, Due Date, Workflow Status, and Salesperson,

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Custom Reports and Binding Errors

Occasionally, after migrating Acctivate with CYMA to a new server, the custom reports can run into errors when attempting to print. After verifying that the custom reports are correctly linked in the Reports section of Configuration Manager, try to print

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Set Default Reports and E-mail Templates for Sales Orders

Acctivate 10.1 offers a new enhancement which allows users to set default reports and e-mail templates used on different kinds of orders. Using existing reports found in Configuration Manager > Reports > Report Catalog, and once email templates have been

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Crystal Reports Run-time Engine

Acctivate uses the Crystal Reports XI R2 runtime engine to generate all reports in the software.  The Crystal Reports runtime is delivered with the Acctivate software on both the server and the workstations under a royalty-free distribution license.  Therefore, there is no additional cost to Acctivate

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Export Acctivate Window Grids To Excel

Several windows within Acctivate, such as the sales order window and business alerts tabs, present information in a grid format. Many of these grids can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel allowing you to sort, organize and manipulate your data. To export these

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Configure UCC128 Label

When utilizing EDI, a lot of trading partners require the use of UCC128 shipping labels. If you’re going to need to print these from Acctivate rather than the EDI provider, follow the instructions below: Go to File > Configuration Management

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