Including Pick Tickets/Pack Lists on the Service Order Window

By default, the Service Order screen does not have the option to print or email Pick Ticket or Pack Lists. If users frequently include inventoried items on Service Orders and need a way to pick these items, there are a few

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Import a New Report

When receiving a new or modified report, customers will sometimes receive an .acctrpt file. This file type is specific to Acctivate and includes all the Configuration necessary to run the report from the moment it’s added to the Report Catalog. The

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Set Printer Assignments with Acctivate Mobile WMS

If you want to set printer assignments for reports related to Acctivate Mobile WMS, you can do this by browsing to the main Mobile webpage on any web browser and browsing to SERVERNAME/ACCThandheld (where SERVERNAME is the name of the

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Invalid TLV Error Running Custom Report

Sometimes users can receive the error below when running custom reports: Invalid TLV record. \\SERVER\ACCTivateData\CustomReports\Order.rpt Application Module: Report, Subroutine: OpenReport, Source: Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer When running a Windows operating system, applications will share files, such as dlls. If an application modifies

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Acctivate Standard Report List

Acctivate comes pre-loaded with a list of default Crystal Reports that can be used to return  data about your customers, inventory, orders and more. Below is a list of all default Acctivate reports, along with a brief description of what each

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Report Preview Loading Time

Acctivate utilizes the Crystal Reports Viewer when previewing or printing reports. If a default printer is assigned to the report in Configuration Manager, it may take several seconds to load a report in the preview window. This can be caused by the

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Video: Setting up the Dashboard

In this training session, you will learn how to setup the dashboard which presents summarized information from your Acctivate company represented on a single window and can be setup to automatically refresh throughout the day. Dashboard Options (0:10) You can open

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Finding and Adjusting Products with Negative On Hand Quantity

Since Acctivate allows users to sell into the negative, occasionally it may be necessary to review your inventory to locate products that have a negative quantity on hand and correct them by making adjustments. This article will discuss how to

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Find all Inventory Receipts by Purchase Order Number

In the event you would like to run the Inventory Receipts report by the Purchase Order Number, to display all receipts linked to one purchase order, follow these instructions, below: Open Configuration Manager > Reports > Report Catalog Browse to

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Application Identifiers for Mobile Barcodes

In order to create a barcode font that you can use to scan in things like Product ID and Lot/Serial Number, you have to create a formula in Crystal Reports to designate the barcode as a “Product ID” and “Lot/Serial

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