Connecting Intuit Payments Service with Acctivate

Quickbooks will disable the original QuickBooks Merchant Service (QBMS) API in November 2019.  All Acctivate users processing payments with QBMS will need to do the following: Download and install the latest Acctivate update (Version 10.3 sp7 or later) Re-establish the

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“Length of NEW column color cannot be zero” error when creating new sales order

Starting with the Windows 10 update (version 1809), it has been reported that opening existing sales orders or creating new orders in Acctivate leads to the following error:  “Length of NEW column color cannot be zero” It’s likely that the

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Partially Invoice a Sales Order

Acctivate allows users to choose which products to include on a sales invoice. Rather than invoicing the entire order at once, users can select to exclude products from the invoice by using the “Backordered Quantity” field.

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‘Show Completed Lines’ on Sales Orders

Partially invoiced sales orders in Acctivate will hide completed lines on the order by default. While these lines are hidden, they are not removed from the sales order. This help article will show how to view these completed lines. In

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“Invoice not released. Cannot determine Sales/COGS GL Account.” error when releasing Sales Invoices

When posting an Invoice from a Sales Order, a user may get an error like the one listed below. This error is telling you that the Sales and/or COGS accounts for at least one of the products on the order

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Voiding Payments

From time to time, it may be necessary to void a posted Invoice in Acctivate. Often, it may be the case that the Invoice which needs to be voided has a related Payment record. The process of voiding the Invoice

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Credit Memo From Drop Ship Sales Order

From time to time, a Sales Order which was drop shipped directly from a Vendor to a Customer will be returned. This article will show how this process will work when returning goods back into Inventory. In this first screenshot,

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Webstore Configuration Questions

When you set up a webstore template in Acctivate, there are several options for setting up the sections of that template. These questions can help determine which options to use in your setup. How do you want to see customer

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Creating and Tracking Customer Core Charges

Some customers have the need to track customer core charges. A Core is usually some fee or additional charge that may be refunded to the customer when something is returned, it is very similar to a Customer Deposit, and could be

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“Could not get credit card authorization response” when invoicing with discount lines

A popular method for adding a discount to a Sales Order is to add a line on the order which has a negative amount. Typically, this is a C line on the Sales Order, and very well may use an

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