Process Credit Cards During Prepare Invoices

Starting in version 10.2, users are able to process credit cards in the Prepare Invoices window. This means that multiple invoices can be created in a batch, and credit card charges can also be processed in a batch. Acctivate has

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Creating and posting assembly from the sales order window schedules the assembly item

Within 10.3, we’ve added the ability to create assemblies from the Sales Order window. One thing to note when using this feature is that after posting these assemblies that are in reference to the Sales order, the quantity posted will

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How to create assemblies from the sales order window

Upon updating to Acctivate 10.3 or later, users have the option to create assemblies from the Sales Order window. This can be helpful because it will link the assembly to the specific item on the sales order and can speed

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Creating and Defining a Special Order Warehouse

When utilizing the Special Order module with Acctivate, you have the option of creating a separate warehouse for these orders. Special orders can be shipped to a designated warehouse and received into that warehouse, in order to isolate these items

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Order Instructions and Comments on Forms

The Sales Order window allows you to record instructions and comments. By default, this information will display on certain sales forms (if you have customized your sales order forms, then this article may not be accurate for you). You can

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Credit Proof vs. Credit Memo

In business when a customer submits a request to return an incorrect or damaged product, navigate to Sales > Credit Memo  to open the credit window. If the customer will return the unwanted item, it may be necessary to provide

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Recommendations for Rescheduling Sales Orders

When entering in a Scheduled order, or changing a Quote or Booked order to a Scheduled status, Acctivate allocates as much available inventory as possible to that order. This allocation of inventory availability is referred to as ‘Scheduling’. During this

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The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request… when processing a credit card

Processing credit cards in Acctivate with either QuickBooks Merchant Services or may return the following Remote server error (400) Bad Request. Received empty or truncated http inputstream. First, check the customer record or the name on the credit card

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Applying one payment to multiple invoices or multiple payments to one invoice

When dealing with payments in Acctivate, there may be some situations that require you to split up either the invoices related to an order, to the payments related to the order. This can happen for a wide variety of reasons.

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Invoice not released. Order has scheduled kits with components not stocked in the selected warehouse(s)

When trying to create an invoice for a sales order containing a kit item you may receive this message: This message means that the kit product and one or more of its component products are not stocked in the same warehouse. When

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