Import a credit card authorization from your webstore

Acctivate supports the importing in of an credit card authorization along with a webstore order, using our Webstore module.  Once you are ready to invoice the sales order you imported in from your webstore, Acctivate will utilize the Authorize.Net

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Use the Order Manager to invoice Shipped Orders

Acctivate can quickly filter and display a list of sales orders that have been shipped and are now ready to be invoiced.  In Acctivate select to open the Order Manager.  In the default Sales Orders View, scroll to the right side

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Configure default workflow statuses

Acctivate offers functionality to reset the workflow status to a specific workflow status on a sales order once a Sales Order has been processed in a certain manner.  In Configuration Manager -> Sales Orders -> Order Options, you will find the

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“Payment Amount must be zero if no payment type”

When preparing invoices for sales orders in Acctivate, users may receive a message stating: Payment amount must be zero if no payment type is selected Users may receive this message if Orders were imported in with a payment amount, but the

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Email Pick Tickets using the Branch

When selecting to email pick tickets from either a Sales Order or from the Order Manager, the default email address populated on the email will be the Branch email address instead of the customer’s contact email address.  Pick tickets are

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Order Manager Custom Bar

Included in the Sales Order Manager are some standard views of open Sales and Service Orders.  We recognize our users may want to create a custom view of Orders for their unique needs. In the Order Manager, select the “Configure…” button

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Sales Order Manager Overview

The Sales Order Manager is a management window in Acctivate that allows users to filter and process batches of Sales Orders in one central location.  The Order Manager also provides a quick overview of the value of your sales in different

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Add Tracking Numbers in Prepare Invoices Wizard

Starting in Acctivate version 10.2, users will be able to add tracking numbers to invoices in the Prepare Invoices wizard on the fly. This article will show how and where these tracking numbers can be added. First, click Sales > Prepare

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Initial Webstore Integration Setup

The initial Webstore set up with Acctivate is slightly different for each Webstore type. This article will cover the most popular webstores that currently integrate with Acctivate and how to set them up to sync with your Acctivate company. Part

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Orders View Shows Most Recent Tracking Number

Starting in Acctivate version 10.2, the Orders View (used for reporting and email templates) will show the most recent tracking number related to a Sales Order. Sometimes in Acctivate, an order may contain multiple different packages, each of which may

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