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The following setup procedure is for the integration between PC Software and Acctivate Inventory Management Software.  Before you begin you must Download and Install PC Software.  If you have not purchased the Acctivate Shipping Workstation Integration please contact your sales person.  The setup typically can

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Configuring StarShip with Acctivate

When Acctivate partnered with StarShip, a generic integration file was created that is compatible with the Acctivate database structure. Once you have the StarShip server and clients setup, StarShip Support will load this generic integration file. If any changes are

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Endicia Shipping Configuration

This configuration is a guide to setup Endicia, part of the family. The following setup procedure is for Endicia®  and Acctivate Inventory Management Software. If you have not purchased the Shipping Workstation module please contact your sales person.  The

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“Restore Settings” for Acctivate Grids

In Acctivate, different windows contain grids for different fields and columns. These fields can often be resized and moved around the grid by users based on their preferences. Acctivate remembers these settings for each user. If desired, a user can

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Bulk Shipment View for UPS or FedEx shipments

Some companies process hundreds of shipments a day in UPS Worldship or FedEx Shipping Workstation. The default setup for shipping workstation is to import one order or shipment into UPS or FedEx at a time. There is a custom solution

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Packaging Manager Process

The process for using Packaging Manager has three main sections of steps. Prepare Shipments Package Shipments Complete Shipments After you have set up the proper options in Configuration Manager related to Packaging Manager (see this article), you can now start

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Adding Shipping Information in Prepare Invoices

If you have any shipping information it is important to keep it related to an invoice to reference for future records. Adding Shipping information to an Invoice 1. Open up a Sales Order. 2. Whenever the Sales Order is ready

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Packaging Manager Setup for EDI

Packaging Manager is used to package Sales Orders into shipments for EDI transactions. Acctivate can automatically package the shipment into separate cartons based on a number of settings. The weight of each carton can also be calculated based on the

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Widely Used SCAC codes

Here is a list of widely used SCAC codes for EDI shipping. Any others not on this list will need to come from your Shipping provider or EDI Trading Partner. SCAC Carrier name ALLV ALLIED VAN LINES ARFW AMERICAN FREIGHTWAYS

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UPS Shipping Workstation Installation for EDI or Package Manager

This configuration is for EDI/Packaging Manager setup of the UPS WorldShip®  ONLY. The following setup procedure is for UPS WorldShip® to use the Acctivate EDI/Packaging Manager module. If you have not purchased this module please refer to the UPS WorldShip® Installation for Non EDI/Packaging

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