Why is my Packing List blank?

Acctivate does not allow the printing or re-printing of a Packing List once the order has been completed.  The pack list will appear blank if nothing is scheduled and the order has been completed.  One reason Acctivate does not allow

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Unable to select Carrier in Package Manager

In Package Manager, when processing shipments, selecting the Carrier for the shipment doesn’t display all of the Carriers configured in Configuration Manager -> Sales Order -> Carriers.  This may be due to the Carrier configuration being incomplete.  EDI Manager, which

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Add Tracking Numbers in Prepare Invoices Wizard

Starting in Acctivate version 10.2, users will be able to add tracking numbers to invoices in the Prepare Invoices wizard on the fly. This article will show how and where these tracking numbers can be added. First, click Sales > Prepare

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Amazon Shipment Information not Updating with the WebStore Sync and no Error is Received

When you sync your Shipment Tracking information back to Amazon seller central, you are required to send a MerchantFulfillment ID. Acctivate sends the Package ID of the Shipment in this field. The MerchantFulfillmentID is required to be fully numeric by

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Recommended Address Formats

Due to Acctivate’s integration with QuickBooks as well as it’s potential to be integrated with web shopping carts and shipping software, it’s important that customer addresses in Acctivate are formatted consistently and correctly. It is strongly recommended that custom shipping

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FedEx Shipping Workstation Installation for EDI/Packaging Manager

This configuration is for EDI/Packaging Manager setup of the FedEx Ship Manager ONLY. The following setup procedure is to set-up FedEx Ship Manager to work with the Acctivate EDI/Packaging Manager module. If you have not purchased this module please refer

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Delivery Routes

Delivery Routes are used for local deliveries of orders by a company truck. Routes can be related to customer ship to locations, then invoiced sales orders using those ship to locations can all be picked at once to be sent out for

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Sales Order Shipping Options

In Acctivate, there are many ways to get shipping onto a Sales Order or Invoice. Users have the following options: Add as a line item in the Sales Order detail Process Shipments via Shipping Workstation Enter Shipping information on the

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Cannot add shipping because default shipping product is not a charge.

Trying to invoice an order with shipping charges, users may receive the following popup message, when the shipping product is not set up correctly. Usually the above message indicates the shipping product is set as “Non-inventoried” and/or have incorrect values

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Configure UCC128 Label

When utilizing EDI, a lot of trading partners require the use of UCC128 shipping labels. If you’re going to need to print these from Acctivate rather than the EDI provider, follow the instructions below: Go to File > Configuration Management

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