Cannot add shipping because default shipping product is not a charge.

Trying to invoice an order with shipping charges, users may receive the following popup message, when the shipping product is not set up correctly. Usually the above message indicates the shipping product is set as “Non-inventoried” and/or have incorrect values

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Configure UCC128 Label

When utilizing EDI, a lot of trading partners require the use of UCC128 shipping labels. If you’re going to need to print these from Acctivate rather than the EDI provider, follow the instructions below: Go to File > Configuration Management

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Configuring Packaging Manager Weight Metric Unit of Measure

Products in Acctivate can have a weight metric assigned to the stocking unit and packaging unit. When using Packaging Manager, Acctivate will calculate the weight of the cartons based on this metric and the number items in the carton. Packaging manager

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Ship Via and Carrier Service

In Acctivate 10, we have made some improvements to the way you select a shipping method for sales orders. In the Sales Order window, we have combined the Carrier and Service fields into a new Service field. Rather than having

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Acctivate Date Formula for Printing Pick Tickets

Acctivate uses a sequential list of conditions when determining whether or not a pick ticket needs to be printed. The date fields on the Shipping tab of the Sales Order are evaluated in the following sequence when users use the Ship Date filter

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Tracking Package URLs by Carrier

In Acctivate Configuration Manager, you can enter in or modify the URL for each Shipping Carrier.  This URL, accompanied with a tracking number, will allow you to select to track a package when viewing the package on the Packages tab

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Print / Export Shipment Labels

Some EDI Trading Partners require UCC Labels on shipments. Using the Print / Export Shipments utility, Acctivate can print these labels or export shipment information for your packages. Print New Labels Navigate to Packaging > Print / Export Shipments Select Print

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Voided shipments in FedEx Ship Manager

Voiding a shipment in FedEx Ship Manager may not remove the shipment in Acctivate.  This is due to the way in which FedEx Ship Manager tries to handle the previously written shipment via the integration with Acctivate. Unlike UPS Worldship,

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Video: Multiple Tracking Numbers on Invoice

The standard Acctivate Customer Invoice (Crystal Report) displays the first Tracking Number only.  You’ll need to modify the invoice using Crystal Reports to include the tracking numbers for the full list of cartons related to the invoice. The following Crystal

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Carrier Insurance Option

The Carrier Insurance Option provides you with the ability to mark carriers that cover your shipments with insurance. To edit this go to File -> Configuration Manager -> Sales Orders -> Carrier Insurance Option

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