Warning Invoice “A payment with ref XXXX for $XX.XX is applied to invoice XXXXX, which would cause the invoice balance to become negative…”

“Warning Invoice A payment with ref XXXX for $XX.XX is applied to invoice XXXXX, which would cause the invoice balance to become negative. Please review this invoice and payment in QuickBooks.” This warning comes up in your QuickBooks sync log

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Synchronizing with a New QuickBooks File

Customers contact our support team regarding the ability to synchronize their current Acctivate company file with a newly created QuickBooks file. The most basic answer to this question is “don’t do it“. Below is an explanation of what happens when

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Add or Edit Payment Terms

In addition to the standard payment terms available in Acctivate (Net 30, 10, COD, etc…), user can add, make changes, or remove terms. These modifications to the terms list take place within Quickbooks and are then synced over to Acctivate.

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Summarize COGS by Customer / Job

When configuring the Sales and Cost of Goods Sold account mapping, there is an option that can be enabled allowing COGS journals to be summarized by the Customer / Job on the invoice. To toggle this option navigate to File> Configuration

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Credit Proof vs. Credit Memo

In business when a customer submits a request to return an incorrect or damaged product, navigate to Sales > Credit Memo  to open the credit window. If the customer will return the unwanted item, it may be necessary to provide

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Deleting Customers from Acctivate

You have old, inactive or duplicate customer records, now you want to delete them.  Acctivate does not allow users to delete customers once a record has been created.  While it may sound like a simple click of the mouse or

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Before upgrading your version of QuickBooks

Although it is important to regularly back up your company file,  it is very essential to back up both Acctivate and your Quickbooks files when you are upgrading your version of Quickbooks. For more information on how to backup Acctivate click

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How The QuickBooks Sync Works

Acctivate is designed to sync data to and from QuickBooks (see the QuickBooks Sync help article). This article is designed to show specifically how the sync with QuickBooks works. When a sync is initiated from within Acctivate, the Synchronize with

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“Transaction could not be locked. It is in use by another user.” Synchronization Error

Occasionally, when syncing Acctivate with QuickBooks, users may encounter the an error similar to the following: Error TxnDelVoid SubmitQBDeletionBatch: error while deleting journal entry D72EF-1234567899 Ref Number 001234: Cannot delete the object specified by the id = “D72EF-1234567899”.  QuickBooks error

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