Before upgrading your version of QuickBooks

Although it is important to regularly back up your company file,  it is very essential to back up both Acctivate and your Quickbooks files when you are upgrading your version of Quickbooks. For more information on how to backup Acctivate click

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How The QuickBooks Sync Works

Acctivate is designed to sync data to and from QuickBooks (see the QuickBooks Sync help article). This article is designed to show specifically how the sync with QuickBooks works. When a sync is initiated from within Acctivate, the Synchronize with

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“Transaction could not be locked. It is in use by another user.” Synchronization Error

Occasionally, when syncing Acctivate with QuickBooks, users may encounter the an error similar to the following: Error TxnDelVoid SubmitQBDeletionBatch: error while deleting journal entry D72EF-1234567899 Ref Number 001234: Cannot delete the object specified by the id = “D72EF-1234567899”.  QuickBooks error

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Index of Quickbooks Sync Errors

This article is a list of links to articles on the helpsite that deal with common sync errors users may encounter from time to time syncing with Quickbooks. We’ll update this list regularly, but if your error isn’t on the

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QuickBooks SDK Verbose Logging

Acctivate uses the QuickBooks SDK to synchronize with data with QuickBooks.  Please refer to our QuickBooks Sync guide for an overview.  You might also want to search for “QuickBooks Sync” if you have a specific sync issue. The following article is to gather a detailed log

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Why are QuickBooks Items disabled?

Once an Acctivate company has been created against a QuickBooks file, your QuickBooks inventory is deactivated.  Your transaction history in QuickBooks is NOT deleted, though.  All product information and transactions will take place in Acctivate.  You can read more regarding

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Sync Error “Employee cannot be deleted since there are related Business Activity time entries”

From time to time, users may encounter a sync error like “Employee cannot be deleted since there are related Business Activity time entries.” This typically means that an Employee record in QuickBooks was deleted, and that employee is related to

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Invoicing with AvaTax

After setting up the Avalara Integration in Configuration Management and assigning the Tax Categories to customers, you’ll notice some differences in the way the Sales Invoice looks after synchronizing with QuickBooks. Let’s start by taking a look at the Sales

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Prepay Vendor Purchase Order

Some Vendors may require you prepay a portion or all of a Purchase Order. To accommodate this, you would write the check to the vendor from QuickBooks for the prepayment amount. Once you receive the bill from the vendor, you would

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