“Component “…” or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid” received in Acctivate logs

Some windows components might become unregistered or missing . If this occurs, some errors may occur in the Acctivate logs like the sample below. “Component ‘COMDLG32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid”

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Troubleshoot Performance Problems

If you have spent any amount of time using computers, you have most likely endured slow applications, lagging data entry, unresponsive windows and screens, etc.  This type of behavior is always frustrating.  If you find that Acctivate is hanging or seems to

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Importing a XML File using a Webstore Template

Along with standard webstores, users have the ability to import in orders defined within a given xml file. To do this, go to Web stores > Web Store Sync >  click Configure > Highlight the template you want > Then

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How to use Xpath ScratchPad with a Webstore template

The xpath ScratchPad tool is a easy way to test xpath statements without actually running an import. The user just needs to find a sample xml file from their webstore. Assuming the webstore has been setup (running and importing in

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Create a View using SSMS Query Designer

When you install SQL Server Management Studio, it comes with a lot of very helpful database tools. The Query Designer is a way to build Select statements that can then be placed into custom views in your database. These views

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Common webstore issues and xpaths

Amazon webstore brings in orders with different fulfillment channels, AFN and MFN. Is there a way to split up the two? You must have two webstore templates for this. One where orders are only selected for AFN in one template,

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Source Values window – Xpath operators and functions

When adding a new xpath to the webstore configuration, you might need to do operations on values coming into that node. The following are some basic operators used under the “Select” section. Note that xpath is CASE SENSITIVE. It’s recommended

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Source Values window – Understanding Namespaces, Tables and Values

The Source values window under Webstore configuration has three sections which determines how the webstore xml file is structured, and how it comes in to Acctivate. Namespace Namespace is a way to define a scope for functions. By default URL

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Webstore Configuration – Adding Xpaths

When importing in sales orders or customers from a webstore, Acctivate uses a query language called “XPath” to map information from a given XML file. When setting up a webstore template, these xpaths are generally predefined but there might be

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Locating the Server with Acctivate’s Active Database

When using more than one server, there may come a time when Acctivate’s database is copied from one server to another one. This is especially true if you have undergone a server migration at some point in the past. While

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