Inventory Assembly transactions now include more product information in the drop down

In version 10.3 Product ID, Reference, and Production Document are now included for the product being assembled on the Inventory Assembly transactions drop down. This feature allows the user to have quick access to product information and find the specific

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Voiding Receipts/Assemblies for Lot/Serial Controlled Products

In recent versions of Acctivate, users are able to Void Posted Inventory Transactions. This help article will show you some things to consider when voiding transactions which establish Lot or Serial numbers. Receiving a Lot/Serial number on a Receipt, or

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Creating and posting assembly from the sales order window schedules the assembly item

Within 10.3, we’ve added the ability to create assemblies from the Sales Order window. One thing to note when using this feature is that after posting these assemblies that are in reference to the Sales order, the quantity posted will

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How to create assemblies from the sales order window

Upon updating to Acctivate 10.3 or later, users have the option to create assemblies from the Sales Order window. This can be helpful because it will link the assembly to the specific item on the sales order and can speed

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How to attach files using notes in Acctivate

Users may upload and attach files to a record in Acctivate, using notes.  Users may create notes and upload attachments on the following windows. Activity Customer Account Customer Credit Customer Location Sales Order Sales Invoice Purchase Order Purchase Invoice Product

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Add or Edit Payment Terms

In addition to the standard payment terms available in Acctivate (Net 30, 10, COD, etc…), user can add, make changes, or remove terms. These modifications to the terms list take place within Quickbooks and are then synced over to Acctivate.

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Adding Shipping Information in Prepare Invoices

If you have any shipping information it is important to keep it related to an invoice to reference for future records. Adding Shipping information to an Invoice 1. Open up a Sales Order. 2. Whenever the Sales Order is ready

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Document Types for Reports

The Report Catalog in Acctivate Configuration Manager allows a user to manage all the reports in the system.  A configuration option is the ability to set Document Types for any report. Acctivate can use various document types to control which

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Common Causes for “Could Not Connect to SQL Server”

Following a server migration, new installation of Acctivate on a workstation, or a network related change within your system, you may encounter an error along the lines of: Could not Connect to SQL Server If you get this message, there

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Scheduling Quotes and Sales Order

In order to process (pick, pack, ship, invoice) a sales order in Acctivate, the order status must be Scheduled, and there must be at least one scheduled quantity for the ordered products. There may be instances where an order has been

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