Voiding an Invoice

Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to void an invoice: For more instructions, click here.

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“Generic Failure” error when trying to configure mobile printers

When setting up your printers for your mobile devices, you may encounter the following error: This Generic Failure isn’t very self explanatory, but thankfully the fix is pretty simple. To fix this, take the following steps: Open the control panel

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Join a Remote Support Connection using ConnectWise Control

Acctivate Support and Implementation now use a new remote connection tool called ConnectWise Control. When submitting a Support Request, users may receive a response from an Acctivate Support Representative asking to set up a remote support connection wherein the Support

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Adding a Zero Cost Item to Acctivate

Users may want to keep track of an item’s availability, but not its cost. Typically, this happens for items like boxes or pallets. To set up a zero cost item, take the following steps. Create a new inventoried product in

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“The SMTP server requires a secure connection” email error

When trying to send an email from Acctivate, you may encounter an error with phrasing similar to “The SMTP server requires a secure connection”. While this error is somewhat unclear, the gist of it is that the user’s email address

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EDI 850 orders not showing up in the Process EDI window

If you are setting up or using EDI to import in and process orders, you may run into a problem with 850s not showing up in the Process EDI window within Acctivate. There are a few different potential causes for

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How to speed up your database backup

If your backup process is taking a long time and the backup file is becoming overly large, you can resolve both of these problems by overwriting the existing sets. A “set” in Acctivate is like a snapshot of the database

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Deleting Customers out of Acctivate

A common question that users ask is how or whether customer records can be deleted out of Acctivate. The short answer is that customer records cannot be deleted out of Acctivate through any conventional means within the system. This is

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“Side by Side” error when starting Acctivate

Occasionally when starting up Acctivate following an update or new workstation install, you may encounter a message referencing a “Side by Side Configuration Error” that keeps you from being able to start up the application. The reason users typically encounter

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Page Size pulled from Crystal Report file

In Acctivate 10.3, the Crystal Reports Viewer was updated from version 11.5 to 13. In Crystal Reports Viewer 11.5, the reports were “trimmed” from the RPT file to fit the page size of the default printer settings in Acctivate. The

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