Using Remote App with Acctivate

RemoteApp enables you to make programs that are accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services appear as if they are running on the end user’s local computer. This application can be used to provide Acctivate to remote users as well. If

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“Only one sales order may be opened from the Product Detail Lines…” Message Explanation

While using Acctivate, you may have encountered the following message: This message is returned when you attempt to open more than one sales order from within the product window’s history tab. This block was set up in Acctivate version 7.0

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Batch Updating Workflow Statuses on Orders

With the introduction of the Order Manager in Acctivate 10.2, we’ve included the ability to batch update the workflow statuses of your orders. This eliminates the need to make individual changes to orders and saves users valuable time. For more

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Examples of Quick Filters in the Order Manager

Within the Order Manager window, users have the option to filter the views by additional conditions. These filters don’t last beyond the time that the Order Manager window is open, but they can be useful to narrow down the data

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Order Manager Quick Filters Are Not Saved

The main purpose for the Quick Filter is to give you the option to quickly sort your standard views to give you specific data that you may need at that moment. When using the Quick Filter feature in Order Manager, it

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Posting Invoice Automatically Changes Workflow Status

Starting in Acctivate version 10.2, the workflow status will be changed automatically on a Sales Order when an Invoice is released from that order. This article will cover the process of how the workflow status is changed, and how to set

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Booked vs Scheduled Order Status

A new sales order in Acctivate is required an Order Status. The Status of the order will affect how inventory is allocated as well as whether or not the order can be processed. Booked  The Booked order status allows you to

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Install SQL Server 2016 Express Edition

The Acctivate Server (New/Full) Install package includes SQL Server Express Edition.  However, there are times when you may need to install SQL Server Express for Acctivate separately.  Please follow the instructions below to install and configure SQL Server 2016 Express Edition for

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Creating a New Warehouse in Acctivate

In this article we will go over the process of creating a new warehouse in Acctivate. It is a fairly straight forward procedure. Step 1: Open configuration manager and navigate to Inventory -> Warehouse Step 2: Select Warehouse and then

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Reserved Quantity

An inventoried item can have a quantity ‘reserved’ per warehouse. Entering in a reserved quantity will remove that quantity from the product’s available quantities. The On Hand quantity will still reflect the true on hand number. An example of how

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