Video: Landed Cost

Take a quick look at creating and posting Landed Cost in Acctivate. Watch in Full Screen mode.

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Partially Invoice a Sales Order

Acctivate allows users to choose which products to include on a sales invoice. Rather than invoicing the entire order at once, users can select to exclude products from the invoice by using the “Backordered Quantity” field.

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How to Batch Update Workflow Statuses

In this video, we walk through how to use the order manager to batch update workflow statuses on sales orders. For more information on the order manager, check out the overview here.

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How to void a receipt

In this video, we go over the steps for voiding an inventory transaction. As an example, we void an inventory receipt. For documented steps, see the full guide here.

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Voiding an Invoice

Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to void an invoice: For more instructions, click here.

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Video: Price Check

The Price Check feature in Acctivate allows a user to quickly and accurately determine the price of products based on different pricing rules defined in Acctivate. Once you add a product to the price check window, Acctivate will calculate what

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Video: Sales Quote Overview

Take an in depth look at the Sales Quote window, including a walk through on how to create and fill in the information. Sales Quote window Create New Sales Quote (0:23) Add a Customer Header Information (0:55) Billing, Shipping, Contact

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Video: Business Activity Use

The information printed below replaces the handout mentioned in video. One stop shop for any activity in your business that you would like to record, track, share among a team, assign primary responsibility for completion and maintain a history for future reference. There

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Video: Business Activity Setup

The information printed below replaces the handout mentioned in video. Business Activity Type section is used to define all processes you will be tracking. The setup of the code lists below will populate the drop down lists used in each activity.

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Video: Setting up the Dashboard

In this training session, you will learn how to setup the dashboard which presents summarized information from your Acctivate company represented on a single window and can be setup to automatically refresh throughout the day. Dashboard Options (0:10) You can open

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