Multiple Alternate Product IDs

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, users can add multiple alternate Product IDs for a given product, and each alternate ID can be specifically linked to a web store template so that the web store ID is used on imported orders.

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How to update the Volusion Webstore Template Password

When integrating with a Volusion webstore, it is important to know that you will be required by Volusion to change your password every month or two. If you recently changed your password on the webstore, you’ll also need to make

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Re-import Skipped Webstore Orders

When importing orders from a webstore, you may encounter warnings from the sync that state an order has been skipped. This can happen for a variety of reasons depending on the configuration of your webstore template in Acctivate or the

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Webstore sync error: Webservice returned zero length data.

Many software applications and web stores have security and password protocols meant to protect your data and stop hackers.  What you may not realize is changing the administrative password on your web store, could also affect any software applications that

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How to specify certain warehouses when exporting quantities to a webstore

If you want to specify certain warehouses when exporting quantities back to the webstore, you can do this by doing the following… Click on Webstore > Configure Choose the Template you want to change and click EDIT Click next until

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Import a credit card authorization from your webstore

Acctivate supports the importing in of an credit card authorization along with a webstore order, using our Webstore module.  Once you are ready to invoice the sales order you imported in from your webstore, Acctivate will utilize the Authorize.Net

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Amazon Webstore Users Need to Update to Acctivate 10.2

Recently Amazon has made some changes to their API that will affect users that have integrated with Amazon in Acctivate. In reference to this, Amazon may have sent you an email asking you if your company still plans on making

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Initial Webstore Integration Setup

The initial Webstore set up with Acctivate is slightly different for each Webstore type. This article will cover the most popular webstores that currently integrate with Acctivate and how to set them up to sync with your Acctivate company. Part

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Amazon Shipment Information not Updating with the WebStore Sync and no Error is Received

When you sync your Shipment Tracking information back to Amazon seller central, you are required to send a MerchantFulfillment ID. Acctivate sends the Package ID of the Shipment in this field. The MerchantFulfillmentID is required to be fully numeric by

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Importing a XML File using a Webstore Template

Along with standard webstores, users have the ability to import in orders defined within a given xml file. To do this, go to Web stores > Web Store Sync >  click Configure > Highlight the template you want > Then

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