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Closing Accounting Periods with QuickBooks

Acctivate does not have a formal process to close an accounting period or year.  This is a responsibility of the integrated accounting/financial software, such as QuickBooks.  First, we recommend that you check the QuickBooks Year-End Guide from the Help menu in

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Import Receipts for Lot or Serial Numbered Products

Acctivate allows you to import in Inventory Receipts with or without a Purchase Order linked to the Receipt.  Below, you will find an example of an Inventory Receipt imported into Acctivate for some lot controlled items. The minimum field requirements

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Troubleshoot Mobile Printing

Utilizing a printer from a mobile device is a complicated setup process.  In the event you have issues with some users printing reports from within Acctivate Mobile, you may consider reviewing the proper setup of Mobile Printing here. A common

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Bill of Materials Options for Manufacturing

Acctivate supports a variety of Manufacturing options, including both Build-to-Order and Build-for-Stock Manufacturing.  A single Bill of Materials type must be selected for each manufactured product in Acctivate. The following Bill of Materials choices are available.  Acctivate uses the term Assembly for build-for-stock

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Schedule an Automatic Database Backup

You can setup a schedule to automatically backup your Acctivate company database. Important: Perform the following steps from the server not from a workstation. Log in as a Windows Administrator to the main Acctivate server (Primary Install) where SQL Server

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Backup and Recovery- Quick View

Backing up your company’s data should be a daily business activity. It is very important to backup and safeguard your Acctivate and QuickBooks data each day and to remove this information from your location.      

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Suggested Inventory Reorder Quantity

Acctivate uses a complex formula to determine the Suggested / Recommended Reorder Quantity per warehouse for each product. This Quantity is visible on the Reorders tab of Business Alerts.  The Suggested Qty is also the default PO Qty when using

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ShipRush connection to Acctivate

Acctivate can be integrated with the Z-Firm ShipRush shipping workstation software.  ShipRush is a great alternative to carrier shipping software, such as UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager or First, you’ll need to purchase ShipRush from Z-Firm.  Please contact ShipRush

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Sales Tax discrepancies when using Sales Tax Groups

This article explains a problem that may occur when using Sales Tax Groups.  Please be sure to read our Sales Tax Codes, Items and Groups article for an introduction to sales tax in Acctivate. The following problem may occur in the

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Sales Tax Codes, Items and Groups

Acctivate synchronizes the Sales Tax configuration from QuickBooks.  Sales Tax calculations are performed using the same method as QuickBooks.  The following article is a brief introduction to the sales tax components in Acctivate.  You should also refer to the QuickBooks

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