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Unable to send Email with 64 bit Microsoft Outlook

Some users may receive a blank Microsoft Outlook error when sending email from Acctivate.  This error may be caused by using a 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook.  This only affects the Microsoft Mail API (MAPI) email configuration.  It does not

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“Invoice not released…” message creating Sales Invoice

When trying to create an Invoice for a Sales Order in which the Sales Order contains a non-inventoried item, labor item or shipping item, you may receive this message: Invoice not released Non-inventoried Cost Offset account for (Some Warehouse) is

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“Not Implemented” message printing Crystal Reports

A “Not Implemented” message may be received in Acctivate if some component being used in the Report isn’t available on the workstation in which the report is being printed/displayed. Users may also be prompted to run Acctivate as Administrator when starting Acctivate.

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Default Email Program

Acctivate will use your Outlook program to send emails. Acctivate can be set up to use MAPI or SMTP protocols for emails. The Acctivate email settings are located in Configuration Manager under Company/Company Info. -> Synchronization settings. If Acctivate is

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Customer shows as ‘Over Limit’ with no outstanding Invoice or Credit

If a Customer shows as ‘Over Limit’, but no Invoice, Credit, or Payment shows as being unapplied or outstanding, there may be a configuration setting you should review. You can now include unbilled Time and Materials in Business Activities in

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Cancel a Drop Ship Purchase Order

If you have already created a Drop Ship Purchase Order but now need to delete a line item off a Sales Order, you can accomplish this by following these simple steps: Change the Status of the related Drop Ship Purchase

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How to change Drop Shipments

How to change Drop Ship Purchase Orders If a Vendor makes a change to the Drop Ship Purchase Order, you can modify the quantity or cost of the Drop Ship PO by selecting to edit the Purchase Order, provided the

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Customer Contact information on Sales Order

When creating a Sales Order for a Customer, the Customer contact information can be populated on the Sales Order from three different locations on the Customer Information window. This is the order in which these fields are populated. You can

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Overstated Accrued Purchase Receipts

You should regularly check the balance of the Accrued Purchase Receipts (formerly known as Purchase Suspense) account.  It should be equal to the inventory receipts that have been posted without a corresponding purchase invoice. You can review Inventory Receipts posted

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