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Customer Contact information on Sales Order

When creating a Sales Order for a Customer, the Customer contact information can be populated on the Sales Order from three different locations on the Customer Information window. This is the order in which these fields are populated. You can

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Overstated Accrued Purchase Receipts

You should regularly check the balance of the Accrued Purchase Receipts (formerly known as Purchase Suspense) account.  It should be equal to the inventory receipts that have been posted without a corresponding purchase invoice. You can review Inventory Receipts posted

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“Cannot change component type…” message saving Product

Changing the Item Type or Bill of Materials on a Product that is referenced on an existing Sales Order may prompt you with message: Cannot change component type because the product is referenced by a sales order This message is

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Advanced Report filters

Using the Report Selection Criteria window to filter reports Acctivate can produce many reports that can be customized to show specific information. You can do this from the Report Selection Criteria window (right) by selecting or excluding information with the

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Inventory Counts

Perform a year-end inventory count with Acctivate to organize your warehouse and get an accurate inventory by following the provided steps. Before preparing and printing count sheets it is VERY IMPORTANT that you post all inventory transactions and create invoices

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Manage Customer Contacts

Contact management is included in Acctivate’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality. Multiple contacts can be stored for each customer in Acctivate. Having contacts in one database eliminates the hassle of re-keying them when they are needed throughout the system and

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Edit Customer Invoices

Acctivate allows users to edit referential data on a Customer Invoice without having to void the Invoice. Provided you have proper permissions to edit the Invoice, you can change the PO, Reference, and custom fields, as well as the Due

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View License, Usage Metrics and Current Users Information

The Help menu in Acctivate contains valuable information, including the option to view your Acctivate License, see which users are currently logged in, and review usage metrics that can be helpful when troubleshooting. License Information To view information about your Acctivate license,

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Linking documents to products

You can easily link external documents or a web page to your products. This can be helpful if you want to link Product Data Sheets, Warranty information, or any other document to your products. From the Product Specs tab, you

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Configuring Lookup Window Defaults

Almost every window in Acctivate has a lookup feature to allow users to select specific records. Lookup windows can be configured to display results organized by a default category that is set in the Configuration Manager. This feature allows you

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