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Temporary Files for Email Attachments and Reports

Acctivate uses Crystal Reports for generating Sales and Purchase Order documents to be emailed to customers and/or vendors. The report is first generated in Crystal Reports then saved as a PDF file in the Temporary Internet Files folder on your

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Performance

Microsoft Remote Desktop is an excellent way to access your Acctivate system from a remote location or if you’re using a cloud hosting partner.  Please read through our Remote Desktop Connection article for more general information. The Remote Desktop Connection app

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Video: Product Information Window

Products can be found on the menu item Inventory > Product Information or by using the Product shortcut from the main toolbar. To pull up a specific product, press F4 or select the Lookup button next to the Product ID box

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Video: Purchasing Process

 Create Purchase Order (0:15) Select Purchasing > Purchase Order from the main menu or by using the shortcut from the main toolbar. Click the New button to create a new Purchase Order Use Status of Purchase Order to show users

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“The page size was not large enough” for reports

The Crystal Reports (Design) software saves the Page Size, Printer Options and Margins within each Crystal Report (RPT) file. Most reports are designed for the Letter (or A4) Page Size, which works very well with most printers.  However, some reports

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Video: Multiple Tracking Numbers on Invoice

The standard Acctivate Customer Invoice (Crystal Report) displays the first Tracking Number only.  You’ll need to modify the invoice using Crystal Reports to include the tracking numbers for the full list of cartons related to the invoice. The following Crystal

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Magento Shopping Cart Shipment Export Options

When exporting tracking numbers for Shipments back to Magento, users may receive a “Cannot do shipment for order” warning during the sync with your Magento shopping cart.  This is due to a limitation in Magento in which tracking numbers can

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Avalara Account Setup

Acctivate offers a direct integration to the AvaTax service from Avalara.  First, you should read our Avalara Sales Tax Service article. The following instructions are to configure your Avalara AvaTax account information in the Acctivate software. Prerequisites The following tasks must

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Avalara Sales Tax Service

Acctivate now includes support for the AvaTax Sales Tax Service from Avalara.  AvaTax is a Software-as-a-Service offering that is fully integrated within Acctivate.  It provides robust sales tax calculations and compliance for companies of all sizes processing orders from multiple

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Sending email messages with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent service for small businesses.  It includes Exchange Online (email), Lync (instant messaging), SharePoint (Team Site) and Office Web Apps.  You can also pay for the Premium service, which includes Office desktop apps, such as Microsoft

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