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Video: How to Install Mobile Software

A step by step guide to downloading and installing the Acctivate Mobile WMS software.

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Web Server requirements for Acctivate Mobile WMS

Acctivate Mobile WMS requires the Web Server (IIS) component of Windows Server.  The default options for the Web Server (IIS) contain most of the requirements for Acctivate.  However, you’ll need to install the IIS 6 Management Compatibility and ASP.NET components. You

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Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition

NOTE: The following article is regarding SQL Server 2012.  We recommend starting with a newer version if possible, but the following my be useful if you need to (re-)install SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition.  Please contact the Acctivate support team for questions

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Video: RMA with Business Activities

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Video: Drop Ship

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Video: Fixed Assembly

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Video: Icon Bar

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Video: Lot and Serial Numbers

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Video: Create and Maintain Price Codes

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Video: Add Product to Price Code, Customer Specific Pricing

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