Version 10.3sp4 Preview

The Acctivate Preview Program allows customers early access to the next version of the Acctivate software.  These updates are not final and may contain undocumented bugs.  However, many of our customers run their businesses on preview builds.  Alterity stands behind all software released under the preview program.  Fixes for bugs introduced in preview versions are treated with the highest priority.  Please contact the support team if you have any questions regarding before upgrading to a preview version.

Acctivate Server

Download and install these updates on your server.  Each workstation will be updated automatically.  Open each company on the server to upgrade the databases before attempting to run Acctivate on any other workstations.

Use the Update link if you are running Version 10.3 or later, the Cumulative link if you have an older version.  You will first download the New Install from the Downloads page on a computer without Acctivate.

Acctivate 10.3sp4 Preview Build 4909 from September 24th, 2018:

QuickBooks: Update (13 MB) | Cumulative (167 MB)
CYMA: Update (12 MB) | Cumulative (153 MB)

Refer to the System Requirements to ensure compatibility.
Review the Installation Guide if a re-installing the software.

Acctivate Workstation

Please download the workstation installer from our Downloads page

Acctivate Mobile 10.3sp4 Preview Build 52501 from September 10th, 2018

QuickBooks: Update (13 MB) | Full Install
CYMA: Update (12 MB) | New Install