Business Alerts

Business alerts are reminders that can be filtered by type and due date. Managers, or those with permission, can view other users’ alerts and assign alerts to others. Examples include at-risk deal alerts, customer service issues, low stock alerts or any other item needing a reminder or to be highlighted.

More Videos

  • Mastering Customer Communications
    Learn about the customer communication channels in Acctivate, including Contact and Credit management, as well as the Business Alerts, Activities, and Dashboard.
  • Business Alerts: Reminders to Reorder
    Find out how Business Alerts can streamline your day to day processes. We will be going over all aspects of the utility from Reminders to Reorder which includes the Reorder Wizard. The presentation will be followed by a demonstration in Acctivate.



Credit management

Sales order management

Purchasing management

Inventory management (Reorder)

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