Acctivate handles its reporting needs by utilizing Crystal Reports (SAP / Business Objects). The Acctivate installer includes the Crystal Report “Viewer” which allows reports to be viewed within Acctivate.  Many standard forms and reports are included with Acctivate, but we understand that each customer would like to have their reports personalized to some degree.  Our support team can assist with slight modifications of standard reports. In the event you wish to create more advanced reports or add functionality to an existing report, we recommend you discuss this with your Consulting Partner.  If you are not currently working with an Acctivate Consulting Partner, our support team can recommend one to assist with your reporting needs.

You may also want to consider purchasing the Crystal Reports software.  This allows you to directly modify forms and create custom reports.  Alterity does not sell Crystal Reports, but you can buy SAP Crystal Reports 2011 directly from SAP / Business Objects.

NOTE: Reports created with the following Crystal Reports versions are fully supported:

  • Crystal Reports 9
  • Crystal Reports 10
  • Crystal Reports XI (version 11)
  • Crystal Reports XI R2 (version 11.5)
  • Crystal Reports 2008 (version 12)
  • Crystal Reports 2011 (version 14)
  • Crystal Reports 2013
  • Crystal Reports 2016

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  • Maximize Data with Acctivate Standard Reports
    Get a walk-through of commonly used and helpful standard reports, in addition to basic reporting tips: navigating the report catalog, drilling down from reports, filtering for the right data, and exporting to the desired format.
  • Building Crystal Reports
    An introduction to the Crystal Reports software, the Acctivate database and the Acctivate Report Catalog.
  • Reporting Inside and Out
    Covers how to configure reports inside the Configuration Manager followed by how to work with your reports and their data. Once we are done covering all the various reporting aspects inside of Acctivate, we step outside the system and move into Crystal to see how you can modify standard Acctivate reports. Find out what you need to do to get started in creating reports from scratch and how to add those new reports to your Acctivate Reporting Menus.
  • Reporting Q&A Session
    Follow up presentation from Reporting Inside and Out to cover questions from our customers.
  • Database Queries
    Learn how to create custom Database Queries using Microsoft Excel and SQL Server. Get tips on locating information in the Acctivate database and simple database queries using Structured Query Language (SQL).


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Screen Reference Guides

Using Reports

Filtering reports

Report management

Exporting reports


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