Use a Map Drive to open multiple instances of Acctivate

While Acctivate does not allow for multiple instances of Acctivate, many users ask for this ability. However, if you do need to run multiple instances of Acctivate at once, you can add several different .exe files for Acctivate, which will

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“Invalid procedure call or argument” on any Acctivate lookup window

UPDATE (Aug 14, 2019):This problem was first resolved in Acctivate 10.3 sp7.  Please install the latest update from our Downloads page on your server. UPDATE 2 (Aug 15, 2019): Microsoft is investigating the problem according to KB4512488.  The Acctivate development

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Downloading a Report File Emailed with a Web Link

If you are working with a Support Rep to make modifications to a report or for a new report, and they email you the file, follow the steps below to download and save the report file. Both .rpt and .acctrpt

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Connecting Intuit Payments Service with Acctivate

Quickbooks will disable the original QuickBooks Merchant Service (QBMS) API in November 2019.  All Acctivate users processing payments with QBMS will need to do the following: Download and install the latest Acctivate update (Version 10.3 sp7 or later) Re-establish the

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Printing Standard Barcodes

Not all barcodes are created equal and therefore it’s important to understand the differences in barcodes, especially when creating and printing your own. If you are printing barcodes for products that have a UPC number, then it’s recommended you use

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Printing UPC Barcodes

A UPC (Universal Product Code) is a standardized global identifier used to identify a product so that it can be sold and tracked through supply chains. Employing a UPC barcode can improve efficiency in your organization, however there are guidelines

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Inventory Count Variance Report

After posting an Inventory Count session, you’ll be able to view the Variance report either immediately after posting or through the Inventory Reports menu. This report shows the variance (change) between the old and new inventory levels. You’ll be able to

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Synchronizing with QuickBooks

To Synchronize Acctivate and QuickBooks, you initiate the process from within Acctivate by going to the QuickBooks menu and choose Synchronize with QuickBooks. In the window that appears, you will click Start Sync, which will begin the sync process. Acctivate

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Setup Fedex using Default Templates

Configuring FedEx Ship Manager to Import data from Acctivate Make certain that you complete the ODBC setup before you begin the FedEx integration process. The ODBC name MUST be: AcctivateODBC Download the Fedex Templates here FEDEX If you are using EDI/Packaging Manager

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Setup UPS using Default Mapping Templates

Configuring UPS WorldShip® to Import data from Acctivate using Templates. First, make certain that you have completed the ODBC setup (This must be completed before you begin the UPS WorldShip® integration process. A 32-bit ODBC connection is required) Ensure when setting up the ODBC

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