How to use the Preview XML tool to view xml outputs for a webstore template

Starting in Acctivate 10.3, users will be able to view what the xml output will look like after importing in a web store order. This is helpful in determining what fields are being mapped on the “Mapping” window and values

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Customer Business Activities Tab Look For Feature

A new feature inside of 10.3 is the Look For feature in the Customer Window.  Users can now search for specific keywords or numbers in the Business Activities tab related to that customer. This will allow users to quickly search

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Split Assembly Transaction

The Split Assembly function in Acctivate allows you to post partial assemblies.  This allows you to post part of an assembly before another part while also linking the two transactions. When you find an assembly transaction that you need to

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Multiple Lot/Serial Numbers On Assembly Components

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, users are able to select multiple Lots/Serial Numbers for components on an Assembly Build. If the required component quantity is greater than the available quantity of any individual Lot/Serial Number , the user can select

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Create Assembly From Sales Order

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, users are able to create Assembly sessions directly from open Sales Orders. This will allow Assembly sessions to be created for any Assembly product with a backordered quantity on an open order. This article will

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Emails sent from Acctivate are not in the sent folder in Acctivate

When using Acctivate in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, there are two main reasons why emails sent from Acctivate do not show up in the “Sent” folder within Outlook. Reason 1: The Acctivate user is configured to use SMTP If your

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Create Assembly Sessions From Order Manager

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, users are able to create Assembly Build sessions from Order Manager for Backordered quantities on open Sales Orders. This article will show how this can be done in Acctivate. In the screenshot below, we can

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Send Non-EDI Invoices To Trading Partner

When an 850 order is brought into Acctivate and Invoiced, the Invoice is automatically selected to be sent back to the partner in an 810 file. If an order is created for an EDI partner in Acctivate manually (without an

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Option To Require Bin Locations On Transactions

Starting in version 10.3, a configuration setting exists to require that Inventory Locations are set in order to post transactions. This is checked at the time a user attempts to post the transaction, if a Location is not set, Acctivate

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Apply Existing Customer Credits At The Time Of Invoicing

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, users are able to relate unapplied Credits/Payments to Invoices at the time of invoicing. If a Customer has an available Credit or unapplied Payment, it can be applied to the Invoice in the Invoice Order

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