Printing from Mobile may time out due to printer settings

The Acctivate Mobile webservice allows users to configure which printers Mobile related reports will print from.  If you select to print a report from within Mobile and receive the following error, you should review your printer settings: This request operation

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Print or Email a Pack List

There are two sections in Acctivate where you print or email a Pack List: Order Manager Sales Order Window Printing and Emailing from Order Manager Open Order Manager via the Sales menu or the Icon Bar Select orders with scheduled

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How to change the “From” email address in Acctivate

When composing emails in Acctivate, users can modify the From email address under certain circumstances. If company is set up to use MAPI, the From email address cannot be altered within the composition window. Under an SMTP configuration, however, the

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Adding new assembly workflow statuses

Acctivate gives the user the ability to modify not only the workflow for sales orders, but also on Assemblies as well. If you need to add a new assembly workflow status, you can do that by going to File >

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How to export report files from Acctivate

(Note: For information on how to export the data within a report, click here) There may come a time when you need to send a report to another user, Acctivate company, or to your Acctivate support representative. In these cases,

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Inventory Monthly Demand Summary

One of the Standard Reports in Acctivate is the Monthly Demand Summary report, which shows the demand of a given product, in a given warehouse, over several months. This report allows the user to set an As Of Date in

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Print Labels By PO

Acctivate allows you to generate product labels from a vendor Purchase Order based on the products ordered and purchase order quantities. From the Purchase Order window, you would click the ‘Labels’ button in order to see the label options; you

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Manage Product Class

In Acctivate each product is required to have a Product Class. The Acctivate Product Class is typically the main way you will categorize your products and should not be confused with QuickBooks Class Tracking.  The Acctivate Product Class is available as

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“Unexpected error from external database driver (1).” Importing from Excel

Starting 10/10/2017, users may experience an error “Unexpected error from external database driver (1)” when importing data into Acctivate. This is caused by a Microsoft security update release that inadvertently affects the JET provider (see this article from Microsoft). The only

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How to find a custom or standard report file

There may be a time when you need to access the root report file for a custom or standard report within Acctivate. The most common reason you may need to find this file is if you need customization work or

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