Printing Standard Barcodes

Not all barcodes are created equal and therefore it’s important to understand the differences in barcodes, especially when creating and printing your own. If you are printing barcodes for products that have a UPC number, then it’s recommended you use

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Printing UPC Barcodes

A UPC (Universal Product Code) is a standardized global identifier used to identify a product so that it can be sold and tracked through supply chains. Employing a UPC barcode can improve efficiency in your organization, however there are guidelines

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Inventory Count Variance Report

After posting an Inventory Count session, you’ll be able to view the Variance report either immediately after posting or through the Inventory Reports menu. This report shows the variance (change) between the old and new inventory levels. You’ll be able to

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Synchronizing with QuickBooks

To Synchronize Acctivate and QuickBooks, you initiate the process from within Acctivate by going to the QuickBooks menu and choose Synchronize with QuickBooks. In the window that appears, you will click Start Sync, which will begin the sync process. Acctivate

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Setup Fedex using Default Templates

Configuring FedEx Ship Manager to Import data from Acctivate Make certain that you complete the ODBC setup before you begin the FedEx integration process. The ODBC needs to match the template in this case it should be named AcctivateODBC Download the

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Setup UPS using Default Mapping Templates

Configuring UPS WorldShip® to Import data from Acctivate using Templates. First, make certain that you have completed the ODBC setup (This must be completed before you begin the UPS WorldShip® integration process. A 32-bit ODBC connection is required) Ensure when setting up the ODBC

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Video: Landed Cost

Take a quick look at creating and posting Landed Cost in Acctivate. Watch in Full Screen mode.

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Legacy .csv Export for Reports in Acctivate

Prior to Acctivate version 10.3 SP4, exporting a report to a .csv format would function differently.  When opened in Excel, the results will appear in a way that tries to mimic the report’s layout.  Groupings, titles, page numbers, and other

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Simple Excel Query using Query Wizard

The Microsoft Query Wizard is an easier way to quickly create a Microsoft Query right from Excel. The basic steps to setup a Microsoft Query using the Query Wizard are below, these may vary slightly depending on your version of Microsoft

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“Length of NEW column color cannot be zero” error when creating new sales order

Starting with the Windows 10 update (version 1809), it has been reported that opening existing sales orders or creating new orders in Acctivate leads to the following error:  “Length of NEW column color cannot be zero” It’s likely that the

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