Like other advanced systems, the installation of Acctivate should be performed by a professional with experience and knowledge with the management of advanced computer systems. This includes knowledge and experience in installing software, networking and database administration. To state it simply, Acctivate is not a plug-and-play system, it will require time for installation, data migration and training. Of course, feel free to contact support or the Project Director with any issues you may encounter.

Before you begin

  1. Close all applications
    It is very important that no other programs or applications be running on your system during the installation. If you are having problems, disable your anti-virus software temporarily.
  2. Review this guide
    Please thoroughly review this guide and be prepared for each step of the installation process before you begin, including the System Requirements.

Acctivate must be installed with the correct type of installation for the type of system it is installed on. There are two types of installations available to you; Server and Workstation.

1) Acctivate Server

Use for Servers, Workgroup Hosts and Single-User/Single-Computer Systems
The Acctivate Server is the “main copy” of Acctivate for your organization.  Please refer to our Server Install guide to properly setup Acctivate on your server.

2) Acctivate Workstation

Use for each additional computer added to the Acctivate system
The Acctivate Workstation will be installed on all computers, except the one designated as the Server.  Please refer to our Workstation Install guide to install Acctivate on additional computers.

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