Server Install

The following guidelines and procedures should be followed for a successful Acctivate installation on your Windows Server or Workgroup host computer. These instructions are for companies running Acctivate on their own server or a dedicated hosted server. Please read about our Acctivate Cloud Hosting options.

Getting Started

  • The Acctivate Server Installation should only be performed on a single computer within your organization. Acctivate can be installed on additional computers using the Workstation Installation.
  • Acctivate can either be installed in a Windows Server or Workgroup network:
    • Windows Server
      Acctivate must be installed on the Windows network server. Log onto the Network Server as the System Administrator. You can not be logged on to a workstation that is connected to the server, you must be logged on to the server itself.
    • Workgroup
      Acctivate should be installed on the workstation that contains the QuickBooks data files, referred to as the Master Workstation. Log onto the Master Workstation as the local Windows Administrator. The Master Workstation is the computer that will host the main Acctivate configuration files and database.
  • You MUST be physically logged on to the Windows Server with Administrator privileges. This is different from being logged on to a workstation that is connected to the server.
  • Evaluation: We do not recommend installing an evaluation copy on your server.  Please contact your account executive to obtain a hosted evaluation copy of the software.
  • You must exit all running applications before installing Acctivate. This includes virus detection programs and other utilities that may be running in the background.  You may be prompted to restart Windows if another application has recently been installed and the restart was deferred.

Performing the Install

1. Download the Acctivate New Install from the Acctivate Downloads site. To access the downloads page, you will need to log in using your company’s support user ID and password. Contact support if you need assistance recovering your Acctivate company login credentials.


2. Click “Run” from within your browser to run the New Install, or double-click the file name in your Downloads folder.

3. A Welcome window will appear, Click Next


4. The standard Acctivate License Agreement will be presented. Read the license carefully. If you agree to the terms of the agreement, click I accept then the Next button.


5. The next window will prompt for the Destination Location where the software will be installed on your computer. Click Next to accept the default folder (recommended) or Change to select another folder.


If the Microsoft SQL Server ACCTIVATE instance is not already installed on your computer, a window requesting the program and data folders will appear. Click Next twice to accept the default locations (recommended), or Browse to select other folders.

NOTE: If Microsoft SQL Server Express is already installed, the password for the Microsoft SQL Server “sa” user may have changed. Enter the correct password and then click the Next button.

NOTE: If you plan to Use an existing Microsoft SQL Server instance – Click Here – to see the help article on how to do this.

6. Select the Start Menu Program Folder in which to place the Acctivate default icon (the default location is recommended) and Click Next.


7. Click Install to begin the installation process. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your system.


8. Click the “Send operational statistics…” box if you would like to submit usage metrics reports periodically, then click Finish to complete the install. If you are prompted to restart, select the restart option before clicking finish.


You may start running Acctivate by either selecting Acctivate from the Windows Start Menu or Desktop (if you created a shortcut icon).

Two new Shared Folders were created on your server.  Acctivate network users must have read/write access to both of the following shared folders:

  • \Acctivate : Acctivate software and configuration files
  • \AcctivateData: Network license files

Congratulations on a successful Acctivate installation!

You can now log in to the Acctivate Demo company or install Acctivate on workstations.