Software Updates

The Acctivate Development Team is constantly seeking to improve and enhance the Acctivate software package. Software updates are available for download on the Acctivate Help site for all Customers that have a current Software Maintenance & Support (SMS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contract.

Use the following procedure to update your software.  These instructions assume you have Acctivate installed on your server.  Please contact your hosting provider if you are using a third-party hosting company.

  1. Click About from the Help menu to view your current version and build number.
  2. Find your version and build number.  For example, the following screenshot is of Version 10.0, build 4339
  3. Open the Acctivate Downloads page to check the current version.  The screenshot below is for Version 10.0, build 4340.
  4. Please follow the instructions below if your version (step 2 above) is older than the current version (step 3 above):
    1. Open the Downloads page on the help site
    2. Always download and install the Acctivate Server update first.  Please read the instructions carefully in this section.
      1. We recommend that you keep a copy of all installation files in a folder on your server.  You might also copy them to a USB thumb drive for safe keeping.
      2. You’ll need to make sure everyone is out of Acctivate before installing updates on the server.
      3. You may need to Close Open Files if everyone has closed Acctivate, but it’s still reporting that users are in the system.
  5. Run Acctivate on your server and follow the prompts to backup and update your database(s).
  6. You’ll also need to download and install the Acctivate Mobile if you have that software.
    1. Follow the instructions to install the mobile update on your server first.
    2. Open Acctivate on each mobile device (again, assuming you have purchased the mobile software)
  7. Workstations are upgraded automatically when users first launch Acctivate after an upgrade.
    • Users who are not Windows administrators will need to right-click on the Acctivate shortcut and choose “Run as administrator” once after the upgrade
  8. Synchronize with QuickBooks
    1. Be sure to make a backup of QuickBooks before the first synchronization after an upgrade.
    2. Verify you have a clean synchronization (no red X’s).  If not, please search our help site for the message or contact support.