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The objective of this phase of your Acctivate Implementation is to understand how Acctivate will work with your Business Process.  The creation of the Model Company is the first major milestone in the course of configuring Acctivate for daily use.  The Model Company is a necessary training tool for you, as a Project Manager, as well for your Project Director to minimize hiccups along the way. This allows you to get familiar with Acctivate, using your own data.  This company is also a useful tool for the Project Director as well as the Project Manager to verify no other necessary information is needed before going Live with Acctivate.

After the setup of the Model Company, the users will need to begin going through the Training pages to gather questions together for the Project Manager to ask the Project Director. During the Question and Answer calls, the Project Director will go through your specific needs as a business and help develop processes that fit well with your operations. These calls will be focused on specific procedures related to your business which are not listed in the Help articles.

Model Company Preparation and Creation

Before the Model Company can be created, there are a few things that will need to be completed on your server computer:

  • When logging into the Server, Windows User Access Control (UAC) must be enabled in order to connect with QuickBooks.  Also, the local Windows user must have administrative rights, but NOT be the main Administrator.
  • QuickBooks (user version) must be installed on the Server Computer in which the Model Company is being created. QuickBooks Database Manager is NOT the same application as QuickBooks user version.
  • Acctivate will need to be installed on your Server computer.
  • Acctivate must be registered before a Model Company can be created.
  • We will need to be logged into QuickBooks as the Admin in single-user mode during the creation process so be sure to have that information available.
  • If you are not currently using QuickBooks as your accounting software, you will need to have a QuickBooks company created for this process with a minimum of a chart of accounts, payment methods, salespeople, tax codes (if applicable), and vendor list. The customer and product list can be imported directly into Acctivate.
    Keep this in mind when ready to go live with Acctivate. We require a separate QuickBooks company file to create the new live Acctivate company. This file cannot be a copy of the Model QuickBooks company after the connection to Acctivate has been established. This fresh QuickBooks file will need to have the same required lists available as stated above. Ask your Project Director about the different options when new to QuickBooks.

If they you are unable to have QuickBooks (user version) on your server, you must select a workstation that has both applications installed.  This workstation may be tied up for several hours depending on the size of your QuickBooks file so it is our preference to work directly on your Server to prevent a disruption in your business flow. Below you will find the steps taken the day your Model/Live company is created:

  1. Your Project Director will walk you through the process of connecting us using our Remote Connection Tool (ConnectWise) or, if you prefer, we can use Terminal Services to connect to your Server. This does not require your IT staff, but it is optional to have them present.
  2. Once connected, we request that all users exit out of QuickBooks for approximately five minutes.
  3. We will make a copy of the QuickBooks file and rename it “Model Company”.
  4. Next, we will log into the new “Model” QuickBooks Company file as Admin in single-user mode.
  5. We will then create an Acctivate company named “Model” which will be configured with information from your interview and data copied from the “Model” QuickBooks file.
  6. The company creation time depends on the size of your QuickBooks file and may take several hours or run overnight.
  7. When the create company wizard is finished, you may login with the user ID “SYS” and no password.

Checklist for Model Company File

  • Review data transferred from your accounting software
  • Review customer list. Verify customer addresses and other pertinent information is transferred into the correct fields.
  • Review inventory list. Make sure all items appear in the product list.
  • Review inventory valuation and compare to current value in QuickBooks
  • Verify inventory quantities were transferred into correct warehouses

Once your Model Company has been created, we highly recommend you use this to practice common routines you will be performing in your Live Company when using Acctivate full time. This is done by recreating transactions in the Model Company while you’re creating them in your existing system. In order to have a good understanding of each of the purchased modules, you will need to practice within the Model Company.

Remember, the data in this Model Company is a reflection of your Company Data, but in a Model or test environment.  Use this phase to become comfortable with the flow of transactions inside Acctivate and how they affect QuickBooks through synchronization. To familiarize yourself with what transfers during a synchronization, check out our article on understanding how Acctivate works with QuickBooks.

Customer and Product Imports

Having fields available in Acctivate that are not in QuickBooks, new customers will need to import information into the Model and Live companies to have a fully functional setup. If you are new to QuickBooks, we recommend importing the customer and product lists directly into Acctivate rather than into QuickBooks via an Excel file. You will need to discuss any imports with your Project Director in order to alleviate any unnecessary work. They can give you import examples for you to work with.

Before importing data into Acctivate, we recommend you practice any imports in your Model Company even after going live.  Be advised, any data imported into your Model Company will NOT copy over to your live company.  Your imports will be run again once you Go Live with Acctivate.

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