In this phase of Implementing Acctivate, you will achieve an understanding of the basic functionality. Our Support Team believes it is critical for the individual modules to be understood before planning, setting up, and training on advanced features. Before getting started with the videos, take some time to walk through our Tour Guide. This briefly goes over the layout of Acctivate and covers many topics, such as Starting, Basics, Customer, Order Entry, Purchasing, Inventory, and QuickBooks.

The username and password for all new companies will be sys without a password. If you like, you can start setting up sample users to see how the available permissions enable internal controls. Feel free to add a password to the sys user, as well.

The Project Manager should review the following training pages to understand all aspects of the core functionality. For other users, have them go over the pages specific to their job duties. Try to follow along in the order they are listed below. We’ve found starting with the products and moving to customers or orders is the best way to begin learning Acctivate. The Advanced Training section may not be applicable to everyone since they are add-on modules. Feel free to skip those videos if you do not have the specific module.

Product InformationPurchasing ProcessInventory Transactions

Customer InformationSales ProcessConfiguration Mgmt

Within Acctivate, we also have some wonderful utilities for you to get an in depth look at your business. Take a look at the videos below for information on these tools.

  • Business Alerts
    Setup Reminders for users to followup with customers or internal staff; keep track of overdue invoices and credit hold customers; manage Sales and Purchase Orders; reorder inventory; watch which web orders received warnings for re-import (only available with web store module)
  • Importing Data
    Update or create new records for the Acctivate database: Customers, Products, Warehouse Locations, etc.
  • Setting up the Dashboard
    Build a one stop utility to view summary reports on sales, purchasing, and other aspects of the system

We also have a couple of videos on Business Activity use and setup. Business Activities are an additional module for linking and tracking information:

Other Tools

On top of the information listed above, we have other tools to utilize during the training phase of your implementation, as well as throughout your Acctivate life.  You can view the articles by Category here.

  • Within Acctivate, users can press F1 while on any window for context-sensitive answers.
  • Procedure Charts are available for specific Acctivate processes.
  • Search the help site for specific keywords to view articles.

We also have a  Learn Page available with a strip on the right showing a list of sections. For the basic functionality, check out the links below. Each subject specific page lists numerous articles which go over particular aspects.

Each month we present an Acctivate webinar either from an internal team member or a guest speaker. The webinars usually cover a specific topic and will show a demo of said topic in Acctivate. We recommend watching these after being in Implementation for a little bit. It’s best to grasp the core functionality before diving deep into more advanced features. If you can’t make it to a live webinar, we post the recordings on our Webinars page afterwards.

In the event your Go Live takes place a fair amount of time after you have completed your Training, the Project Director may recommend you review this phase again.  Adopting Acctivate in your business hinges on having an understanding of the core functionality.

Q&A Calls

About a week after your Model Company has been created a Q&A Call will be scheduled between the Project Manager and your Project Director.  This is an opportunity to go over any questions you have regarding specific processes in Acctivate, training questions, etc.

In an effort to be as productive as possible, we recommend you email a list of your questions to your Project Director a day or two prior to your Q&A Call.

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