Customer Information

usersAcctivate’s Customer Relationship Management features are more than contact management; they are for all customer-facing personnel in your business. Acctivate CRM enables management of your sales cycle from prospect to implementation. Any authorized personnel will have the ability to assist customers with confidence, knowing all required information is immediately available at their fingertips from a single customer window.

The customer information in Acctivate contains a larger number of fields available to track important data. Not only do we have the ability to create and track multiple contacts, but also ship to locations, emails, notes, invoiced products, customer specific product IDs, etc. Create company only brings over the main customer contact and ship to location. If you have multiple for each customer, those will need to be imported separately.

If you are new to QuickBooks, we recommend importing the customers directly into Acctivate after creating the new company. This will allow you to import all pertinent information at one time rather than getting it into one system and filling in the remaining data in another.

Customer Checklist

  1. Take a look at the Customer portion of the Tour Guide
  2. Watch the Customer Information video
  3. Check out our Customer Information Window screen reference guide
  4. Create new customers
  5. Add additional customer ship-to addresses; screen reference guide
    • To create multiple ship to locations at one time, check out the import ship to location section in our customer import article
  6. Add additional customer contacts with phone numbers and email addresses
    • See customer import article for contact import fields/information
  7. Add customer specific price codes; setup price codes
  8. Set a default invoice discount for a customer. This will be a whole order discount for the customer.

After going over these basic steps, check out the Learn Customers page, as well as any of the Customer related articles posted on the site. Our search tool is also a great way to research the exact process you’re looking for past the basics.

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