Purchasing Process

purchase_orderAcctivate’s purchasing management solution is a repository of purchasing history information that can be accessed by all authorized company personnel. Quick access to current & historical pricing, cross-referencing product codes, and a robust tool set for managing purchasing activities enables streamlined processes and improved spending management.

Streamline the complexities of purchasing with dynamic functionality for managing Requisitions, Request for Quote, Purchase orders, Receiving, and Alerts.

The create company process does not bring in Purchase Orders from QuickBooks. You will need to enter any open Purchase Orders you wish to use for training into the Model company manually. When you go live, all open Purchase Orders waiting on Receipt will need to be entered into the new company file.

Checklist for Purchasing

  1. Take a look at the Purchasing section of our Tour Guide
  2. Watch the Purchasing Process video.  It is recommended you watch this with Acctivate open. This way you can pause and see how the information looks in your Model company.
  3. Create a new Purchase Order manually
    • Sometimes our customers want to use a purchasing workflow via the Purchase Order Status. Check out our article on available statuses.
  4. Confirm the purchase order pulled the proper price based on the chosen Vendor
    • If you imported your product list from another system, you’ll need to assign vendor pricing on each item either manually or through an import.
  5. Receive inventory from a Purchase Order
    • We have an option to receive PO’s in full or to add products from the specific PO on the receipt window. Check out information on this setting here.
  6. Create a Purchase Invoice
  7. Add shipping costs to Other Amounts tab
  8. Run a sync with QuickBooks and view the new Vendor Bill
  9. Create Purchase Orders through the Inventory Mgmt tab of Business Alerts using the Reorder wizard.
  10. Take a look at the Purchasing Reports to see what pertains to your business and the information that populates

After going over these basic steps, check out the Learn Purchasing page, as well as any of the Purchasing articles posted on the site. We also have a Purchasing Process Procedure Chart for your review. Our search tool is also a great way to research the exact process you’re looking for past the basics.

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