Sales Process

cash_registerAcctivate provides fully-integrated sales order management simplifying both pre-sale and post-sales activities and back office operations from price checks, quotes, selling, shipping and picking to managing all sales activities.

We offer a tool for every step of the way to ensure you’re set to get everything done from checking prices on the fly, to creating and invoicing sales orders. Also, we have a credit management tool for you to keep track of overdue invoices or customers who have gone over their assigned credit limit.

Sales Process Checklist

  1. Take a look at the Order Entry section of our Tour Guide
  2. Watch the Price Check video to get an in depth look at getting price quotes on the fly for your customers
  3. Open the Price Check utility, add a customer, and see what prices show up for specific products
  4. View the Sales Quote video. We recommend pausing throughout the video so you can follow along in your Model company.
  5. Watch the Sales Process video. Just like #4, pause while watching the video to follow the steps within your Model company.
  6. Create a Sales Quote for a customer
  7. Print a quote and email it to yourself
  8. Convert the Sales Quote into a Sales Order by changing the Status to Scheduled
  9. Create a Sales Order with different types of detail lines
    • If all Ordered quantity is Scheduled, override Scheduled quantity in order to release partial invoice.
  10. Print shipping document and determine the procedural flow
  11. Release a Sales Order for invoicing
    • This is the step which removes inventory from your warehouse.
  12. Schedule a sales order with a backordered status and release for invoicing by toggling the Status back to Scheduled from Backordered
  13. Copy an existing sales order or quote
  14. Evaluate batch invoice processing using Prepare Invoices function
  15. Go over our Sales Order Mgmt article for options on batch scheduling orders
  16. Create a Credit Memo and release
  17. Synchronize Invoices to QuickBooks to verify journal entries and invoices come over properly
  18. Print Invoices and/or Credit Memos in a batch

After going over these basic steps, check out the Learn Sales page, as well as any of the Sales articles posted on the site. We also have a Sales Process Procedure Chart for your review. Our search tool is also a great way to research the exact process you’re looking for past the basics.

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