Acctivate is an incredibly powerful and full-featured Customer Relationship Management system. From the Customer Information window you can enter a variety of information for each customer.

You can access the Customer Information window in one of two ways.

  • Select Customer from the main menu and Customer Information from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Customer button on the Icon Bar.

The Customer Information window allows you to store information about each of your customers. You can enter new customers and view information about existing customers.

  1. The first step when dealing with the Customer Information window is to enter a Customer name into the corresponding field.  You can also use the Customer Lookup button to display the Customer Lookup window.
  2. Let’s imagine that you want to open the record for Abercrombie and Smith. You know that their customer name is Abercrombie. The easiest way to open their record is to simply type Abercrombie into the Customer Name field and then press the Tab key. The body of the window is now populated with their account information.
  3. Let’s begin to review the information that we have about Abercrombie and Smith.
  4. Click the Ship To tab. The default shipping location for Abercrombie is Downtown. If you wish to change it, click on the drop down arrow. A list of all ship to locations will appear.
  5. Next, click the Invoices tab, which contains current invoices, invoice aging and payment history from QuickBooks Accounts Receivable.
  6. Click on the Orders tab to see every order for this customer. Select order number A1513T and click the View order  button on the toolbar. We don’t want to change this order, so close it.
  7. Next, on the Customer Information window select the Prices tab. A list of prices that are special to this customer will be presented.
  8. Click Edit  to change the type of pricing this customer receives. Select a new Default Price Code from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select the first product row and click the View Product button  on the toolbar or double-click anywhere in that row. The Product Information window will open for this product. Note how well-connected the data is in Acctivate.
  10. Close the Product Information and Customer Information windows.

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