1. Install Acctivate or ask your salesperson for a hosted evaluation.  Please refer to our Installation Guide if you’re installing the software on your computer.
  2. Double-click on the Acctivate desktop icon or select it from the Windows Start menu
  3. Log in to the Demo company (Southwestern Industries).
    • Company: Demo
    • User ID: SYS
    • Password: (leave blank)
    • Click the Login button

Secure Login Structure

Acctivate has been designed with both security and functionality in mind. Once the Software loads, the login window will appear in the center of the screen prompting you to enter basic information.

  • It keeps unauthorized users from your data.
  • It protects your system with a User ID for each user and an encrypted Password.
  • Users may login with their ID and Password from any workstation.
  • The User’s ID is recorded for each transaction, including sales orders, inventory transactions, notes, and more.

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