CYMA IV Supported Versions

Acctivate provides backwards compatibility with many versions of CYMA IV.

CYMA table names are often changed with new CYMA software updates (e.g., SM_Bank > SM_Bank2 > SM_Bank3, etc). Acctivate uses an internal Table Map that contains a list of the table names for the current version of CYMA that you are running.  This allows for a single version of Acctivate that can support many versions of CYMA.

Acctivate cannot offer forward compatibility for future table names.  We do not know what tables will be renamed until they are documented in the new version of CYMA.

The minimum version of Acctivate is listed below for each version of CYMA.

CYMA Version Minimum Acctivate Version
17 10.3
16 10.2
15 10.0
14 9.0
13.5 8.1.5
13.0 8.1
12.5 7.3
12.0 7.1.4
11.0 7.0
10.0 6.3
9.0 6.2.2
8.0 6.0
7.0 5.0
6.0 4.8
5.0 4.5
4.1 4.1

Please check with the Acctivate support team if you are interested in a version of CYMA that is not in the above list.

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