Version 8.0

ACCTivate! 8.0 added full support for multiple currencies.  Most windows are now re-sizable and Imports for Inventory Receipts and Balance Adjustments were added.  Version 8.0 was released on July 16, 2012.

The Release Notes for the QuickBooks edition are listed below and also available for download (PDF).  You can also download the release notes for the CYMA IV Edition (PDF).

The five digit number to the right of each item is the ticket number for the enhancement or bug fix.

Business Activity Management
Include Business Activity Custom fields in BusinessActivity data view for reports 42423
Ability to convert an Other Contact in the Related Items list to a new customer 47361
“Last Action” columns in Business Activity Review for the last note, email or time entry 52583
Cannot add Service Order to Related Items list 56999
Business Activity Time and/or Materials can be updated after Service Order is created 57036
“Either BOF or EOF is True…” when opening Business Activity and Service Scheduling after deleting a Customer Ship record 57140
Business Alerts
Suggested Qty may appear in stocking units if no Preferred Vendor is defined on Inventory Management tab 56762
“Run-time error, specified index is not found” message received when opening Inventory Management in Business Alerts 57362
User permissions required to modify Currency Exchange Rate on transactions 56486
“Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint” error when adding new unit of measure 56642
Include Instructions to maintain Sales Tax Categories (Items/Groups) in QuickBooks 57130
Product Tax defaults should automatically be copied from QuickBooks 57163
“GL Account is Invalid” error received when changing Warehouse G/L Accounts 57422
Create Company
Create Company fails when blank company database already exists in SQL Server and company is listed in ACCT.ini 56939
“Object variable or With block variable not set” error if QuickBooks Company name is blank 56940
“Unable to login to database server” message may appear for restricted SQL Server user accounts 56941
Option to Import all or open Sales Orders from QuickBooks 57119
Import Customer Messages list from QuickBooks to Customer Ship-To Comment list 57120
“Invalid Use of Null” error if QuickBooks Item Name or Sales Order Number is blank 57625
Custom Fields
Cannot enter negative in currency custom field 57395
Customer Information
Resize or Maximize the Customer Information window 41895
Default customer lookup option by Zip/Postal Code does not work 56623
Remove currency symbol from Invoices and Credit tabs to better support multiple currencies 56889
Improvements to selection of text field values on Customer Information window 57018
Customers by Marketing List report 57127
Include BranchID in CustomerEmailAddressList data view for queries and reports 57143
Customer Contact names may be saved with a trailing space 57144
Include Contact Name (full, first and last) in CustomerEmailAddressList data view for contact reports 57145
FirstInvoiceDate in Customer data view for custom reports 57150
“Either BOF or EOF is True” error when attempting to open a Customer or Job that doesn’t exist 57356
Database Maintenance
“Multiple-step operation” error during DB upgrade when system locale is set to Chinese 57594
Demo Company
Continual prompt to re-synchronize all customers after reloading Demo company database 57277
Sales Order Bill to Address may be incorrect when street address is included with EDI purchase order 55972
Exclude Credit / Returns from EDI Warehouse Order export (940) 57175
EDI Order (850) import should consider active status when selecting a ship-to location 57234
EDI shipment import (945) may backorder order lines not linked to 3PL warehouse 57238
Include Customer ProductID and Description in EDI Warehouse Export (940) 57240
Export Advance Ship Notice (ASN) using configured Shipment Structure for Shipping Workstation shipments 57377
“Rowset position cannot be restarted” when sending shipment notification 57402
“Index was outside the bounds of the array” during 945 import 57407
“Current Recordset does not support bookmarks” may occur when exporting EDI invoices 57411
Print/Email drop-down menu may not load email message if menu scrolling is required 57122
G/L Account Lookup by Account number 42951
Support for multiple currencies with QuickBooks 2009 or later 52918
Support for Number validation for locales using comma for decimal point 56502
Include currency code in grid column headers for multi-currency transactions 56804
Remember size of resizable windows 57167
Spaces appear as +s in Google Map results 57489
Import Data
Import Data option for Inventory Receipt transactions from an Excel (or CSV) file 53416
Import Data option to import Balance Adjustment transactions from an Excel (or CSV) file 56738
Lot/Serial Number import may complete without posting the Import Transaction to Inventory 57087
Product import may complete without posting the Import Transaction to Inventory 57095
Duplicate Address lines may appear for imported customer records 57096
Pop Up Note import requires a Yes or No Value 57369
Lot/Serial number should not be required for beginning balance imports for “Number when Invoiced” items 57463
“Assembly Type of product must not be None” during Product Component import 57469
“Product ID and Component Product ID fields are required” during Product Component import 57475
“Invalid character value for cast specification” during Product Component import 57476
“Empty row cannot be inserted…” error during product import 57477
Improvements to Column names for Product Components import 57478
“Conversion failed when converting from a character string…” error during Product Price import with invalid 57541
Low Qty adjustment for Product Price(s) includes decimals for discrete Units 57542
Windows Firewall exceptions for SQL Server are not created during ACCTivate! installation 55624
Invalid Object sys.Databases when opening ACCTivate! with unsupported SQL Server 2000 version 56882
“Rich Text Control” component file is not installed, but not found in ClientFiles folder 57148
Error installing .NET 3.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 57375
Updating Barcode fonts may hang and not properly update 57397
Commandline option to specify SQL server during installation doesn’t work 57510
Inventory Management
Added Cost Receipt transactions for a lot or serial-numbered item using average cost should not prompt for a lot or serial number 54068
Exclude Lot/Serial numbers with no availability from Assembly Components list 56079
Split Assembly function to post progress and create new session for remaining quantity 56646
Include Foreign Amount with Currency Code on Inventory Receipt window when using Multiple Currencies 56691
Changes to Exchange Rate on Inventory Receipt window does not update amounts 56692
“Transaction not in balance” Journal sync error may be received after posting an Inventory Transfer 56802
Non-inventoried items may be created with a Cost Method other than Standard or None 57005
Improvements to Edit/Save functions for Inventory Transactions 57015
Unit Cost on Lots tab is incorrect after Warehouse Location transfer 57131
“Lot / Serial number not found” when entering in lot number in Balance Adjustments window 57132
Last Location on Product Lots Tab incorrect 57137
Inventory Transfer allows transfer of an existing Serial Number in the To Warehouse 57169
Include both Foreign and Home Currency UnitCost and Amount fields in Inventory Transaction Data View 57269
“Lot/Serial Number is required” message may be received when creating a new Inventory Issue 57398
Received ‘Out of Stack Space’ error while trying to create an assembly 57467
Unable to set To Warehouse for Inventory Transfers after Products added to grid 57535
Unit Cost may be set for only the From Warehouse an intra-warehouse transfer 57600
Include SQL Server Name/Instance in connection error messages 56895
Show Currency Code column in Customer and Vendor lookup windows when using multiple currencies 56783
Sort field in data views to properly sort records with varying Document Number lengths 57571
Creating a Sales Order in Mobile may return “Invalid price unit ” for stocking unit ‘Ea'”. 57314
“InvalidOperationException” when printing labels from mobile picking 57363
Configuration Management option for Mobile Picking to select available lot quantity when scanning or entering lot number 57442
Custom Price Codes can be configured using the reserved “*” or “!” codes 56915
“Item cannot be found in the collection…” exception from “Use List” on Price Code lookup 57037
Component cost-based prices for kits doesn’t work in Mobile, EDI, Web Store Sync and Sales Order Import 57458
Product Information
Product Lookup by Custom Fields 36345
Values in Product Information window data fields do not get highlighted when using TAB key 42197
Support for multiple list prices defined in multiple currencies 52954
Sales Tax Code should not be required on Product Information window 56247
Vendor Last Price should be in vendor’s currency 56907
Move “Created … By” information from History tab to Specs tab 56946
Product Lookup by Lot / Serial Number should exclude unposted Lot / Serial numbers 57088
Product ID does not revert to current record when pressing Edit button 57178
ShortDescription field in Product data view to truncate lengthy product descriptions for reports 57223
tbProduct.Taxable may not match the tax code 57264
Cost Method drop down may be enabled when not editing a Product 57622
Purchasing Management
Resize or Maximize the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice windows 41892
Amount Paid on Invoices tab may not match the total payments against the vendor bill in QuickBooks 53021
Use Vendor “Shipped From Address” for Purchase Orders with QuickBooks 2011 or later 55996
Prompt to refresh prices when the vendor is changed on a Purchase Order 56470
Inventory Receipts session report including vendor’s currency 56495
Completed Purchase Orders report including Receipt and Invoice totals 56511
Allow changes in Foreign Currency for Inventory Receipt when using Multi-Currency 56953
Sales Order toolbar button to quickly create Drop Ship / Special Order Purchase Orders 57080
Sales Order Line Type is incorrect for Special Order only components in a Kit or Assortment 57149
PODetailReceiptSummary and PODetailInvoiceSummary data views for Purchase Order Management reports 57165
PO Invoice Discount date isn’t shown on Purchase Invoice window 57172
Creating PO invoice may update receipt cost transaction to vendor currency 57217
Include Home Currency Price variant for Foreign “Price” on Vendors tab when using Multiple Currencies 57279
Override Address is reset when copying a purchase order 57433
Use Vendor Currency for Open Purchase Orders reports 57624
“Not Implemented” error may occur when attempting to view a report containing a barcode 53183
Multi-Currency support for Sales Quote, Order, Invoice and Purchase Order forms 55746
Crystal Reports Parameter _CompanyHomeCurrencyCode to return Home Currency when using Multiple Currencies 57280
Sales Order Import
“Permission Denied” error if import file is locked by another application (e.g., Microsoft Excel) 56704
Hide Save button on each step of Sales Order Import configuation 56719
Two blank lines coming in from Sales Order Import in the Special Instructions when none are specified 57486
“”filename” could not be loaded” may occur during sales order import from text file 57592
Sales Order Management
Allow Sales Order Line Type changes between Standard, Drop Ship and Special Order 23953
Include Sales Invoice Line Custom Fields in InvoiceDetail view for reports 34887
Expanded Reference fields (30 characters) for Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo 49541
Default Sales Order Workflow Status in Configuration Management for new Sales Orders 52171
Scheduled or Backordered quantities may not get cleared when cancelling a sales order 52684
“Invalid class string” error during Sales Order entry if invalid Default Product Class exists 55022
Sales order branch should default if there’s only one possible branch 55199
B/O quantity for non-standard lines may be zero after changes to Scheduled quantity 55236
Option to “Set Workflow status” in the Print Pick Tickets function 55418
Sales Order Workflow Status codes with related sales orders can be deleted in Configuration Management 55465
QuickBooks Class is not set on Sales Orders created by EDI Manager 55832
“Hold Shipments” option on Customer Ship To tab does not block Pick Tickets 56011
Other Charge sales order lines should be restricted to Labor, Other Charge and Shipping items 56620
Country does not appear on Sales Quote form (report) 56679
Voiding and re-creating an Invoice does not re-apply the related Credit Memo 56755
Group by Currency for Customer Invoice Register and Aging reports 56782
Product Substitutions button should only be enabled if there are substitutions defined 56869
Update Sales Order Prices when Currency is changed by selecting a different Customer 56886
Scroll bars for Sales Order Instructions fields 57052
“Not for Resale” taxable products should be taxable even on non-taxable orders for US Edition 57107
Creating a Sales Invoice or Inventory Transaction may run continuously without an error if negative inventory exists for average cost items 57111
Don’t allow changes to Warehouse after Special Order PO has been created 57115
Grid cell contents are not selected when using the down arrow in the Sales Order detail grid 57133
Compute numeric expressions in Quantity, Price and measurement fields on Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo 57138
Resize or Maximize the Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo windows 57141
Sales Order price may not be rounded properly with “Prices include VAT” option 57166
Include both Foreign and Home Currency Price and Amount fields in Sales Order Data Views 57235
Expanded Customer Comment (Message) to support large QuickBooks customer messages 57380
Automatically refresh saved Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo when window gains focus 57387
“Invalid procedure call or argument” when scheduling booked sales orders created by EDI Manager 57409
“Schedule Non-standard Products” option is ignored when scheduling order lines 57429
Amount on Sales Order line may appear incorrect when “Prices incl VAT” with an order discount 57438
Quick Quote may use warehouse from previous line for cost-based price calculations 57519
Include Tracking Number on standard Invoice form (Crystal Report) 57607
UPSCODOption (Y/N) in OrdersAvailableToShip for UPS WorldShip for Terms Code “COD” 55714
Support for leading zeros in Package ID (ie SSCC-18) for shipping workstation integration 56102
Add “World Wide Saver” to standard UPS Carrier Service Type list 57201
Include first Sales “OrderNumber” in ShipmentPack for Shipping Workstation 57405
“Invalid column name ‘InternetProductID'” received during shipment export 57410
Synchronization with QuickBooks
“Detail line posts to non-posting account” error during journal synchronization 52036
“Invoice … has no details” message may appear in ACCTivate! log during synchronization 53218
“Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo.tbVendor'” error during vendor sync 55642
Changes to Invoice Discount in QuickBooks are not synchronized back to ACCTivate! 55849
“Error while creating bill…” synchronization error when using multi-currency and selecting an invalid A/P account 55983
Payments with Sales Order/Invoice may not be synchronized to QuickBooks if an error occurs during Invoice sync 56001
“Row cannot be located for updating…” error may be received when syncing Customers 56592
Support for QuickBooks SDK 11.0 56701
Set Currency for existing Branches after enabling multi-currency in QuickBooks 56956
Invalid object name ‘tbSalesReceipt’ in the customer sync 57564
“Object variable or With block variable…” error may be received during Invoice synchronization. 57609
Web Store Integration
Web Store Integration with 56652
Web Store Integration with Znode 56667
“Client found response content type of ‘text/html…” error may occur in Web Store Sync 56851
Support for partially shipped sales orders in Magento Commerce 57020
Web Store Option to create Reminders in Business Alerts for warnings 57053
Web Store Integration with CommerceCM 57176
Volusion Shipping Codes 57200
“An error occurred while parsing EntityName …” when importing orders from AspDotNetStorefront 57233
Web Store Integration with CoreCommerce 57237
Default Customer Type should be set for new customers created by Web Store sync. 57239
Link to open Log directory from Web Store Sync when an error occurs 57289
Include current Web Order Number in Web Store Sync download status message 57309
“Branch is required” error may be received when importing Web Orders that were previously imported 57310
Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘LocationID’ during Web Store Sync 57334
“Could not find product in database” message if product ID is missing 57335
“Object reference not set to an instance of an object” during Web Store Sync 57336
“Unsupported filter for downloading orders” error re-importing a range of orders with Volusion connector 57338
Create new Sales Order line if Discount or Charge Item is supplied in Web Store Sync 57365
Include support for Line Discounts or Charges in Web Store Sync for standard templates 57374
“The connection was closed unexpectedly.” may occur when web store sync exports inventory to Magento 57446
Inventory and Shipment exports are now disabled for new Web Store templates 57461
Status value not validated when downloading customers and orders from a native webstore webservice 57492
Add Customer Name column to AspDotNetStorefront customer import 57506
Shipping should appear as last line on Sales Orders created by Web Store Sync 57514
“Name cannot begin with [a numeric] character” error when downloading orders from Magento 57521
Tax Code for Web Store Sales Order lines for non-taxable customers may be “Tax” 57547
Include concatenated field “First Last (Email)” for mapping 57548