Version 8.1

ACCTivate! 8.1 introduced the Landed Cost and Custom Kitting modules, along with an improved registration process.  Version 8.1 was released on January 28, 2013.

The release notes for the QuickBooks edition are listed below and also available for download (PDF).  You can also download the release notes for the CYMA IV Edition (PDF).

The five digit number to the right of each item is the ticket number for the enhancement or bug fix.

Business Activity Management
Include Address from Primary Related Item in Business Activity Review 57729
Create Business Activity appears on Sales Order when not registered for the Business Activity add-on module 57739
Internal GUID is displayed for inactive Labor items on Time tab 57957
“Object Variable…” exceptions received in when Business Activity Review refreshes 58013
Creating Service Order from Business Activity returns error not allowing creation 58086
Create Company
“Order … already exists” error if duplicate order numbers exist in QuickBooks 57868
“Tax code is missing on one or more lines …” error while importing Sales Orders from QuickBooks 57869
“Invalid Use of Null” Copying Orders during Create Company Wizard 57990
Totals for orders imported from QB not matching totals in ACCTivate! 58032
Order detail lines not imported for QuickBooks sub-total “groups” 58033
Database Maintenance
Improvements to simplify the ACCTivate! Configuration File (acct.ini) 56688
Support for Database Prefix for all ACCTivate! SQL Server databases 57665
Merge legacy “MSDE” with “ACCTivate” Database Server entries in ACCT.ini 58038
Unable to reset link between ACCTivate! and QuickBooks 58119
EDI Manager
Include Subtotal, Tax and Total Amount for EDI Invoice (810) 52667
Include Current Terms Code and Due Date (from Terms) in EDI Invoice 57889
Resize Detail Grid columns when window size is adjusted or maximized 57763
Opening Import Spreadsheet may result in “Object or variable not set” 58137
ACCTivate! Help will not load when Dashboard window is open 57483
Import Data
“New Product ID” field to modify existing Product ID values with Import Data function 54687
“Assertion Failed: Abort=Quit, Retry=Debug, Ignore=Continue” error when importing a balance adjustment 57911
“Quantity must be 1, 0, or -1 for serial numbered products” error during Inventory Receipts import 58014
Support for Windows Server 2012 (All Editions) 57774
Support for Windows 8 (All Editions, except RT) 57775
Inventory Management
Allocate Landed/Added Cost across one or more Inventory transactions 23877
Improved Bill of Materials Type naming for Assemblies, Kits and Assortments 57504
Split Variable Build/Batch Bill of Materials type to “Custom” and “Process” 57505
Landed Cost Register report to include details on Landed Cost session, including allocation 57702
Print/Preview Report window does not appear when posting Inventory Issue 57879
Improvements to Register ACCTivate! process, including Refresh button for new users, modules 58065
Web Page for ACCTivate! Mobile Printer configuration 57520
OutOfMemoryException when submitting large inventory count 57756
Error “BC30451: Name ‘ACCTivate’ is not declared” in Mobile Web Service Status page 57913
Special Order Items are not included in Mobile Inventory Receipts 57930
Mobile Receipt Error: Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘Decimal’ is not valid 57949
Purchasing Management
“Multiple-step operation generated errors” message may occur on a Purchase Order follow-up note 53805
Enter Landed Cost amount on Other Amounts tab of Purchase Invoice 57576
“Max decimals for Displayed Prices” option for Purchase Orders 57742
VAT/Tax drop-down on Purchase Invoice Other Amounts tab for UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia editions 57793
Other Amounts do not re-calculate when toggling Amounts Include Tax option in VAT edition 57905
Sales Order Management
“Non-nullable column cannot be updated to Null.” error may occur when opening a Sales Order or Prepare Invoices 55523
Amount paid changes from blank or 0.00 to full amount on Sales Order window 56516
Kit Component options to Add/Remove and Update quantities with Custom Kitting add-on module 57081
Lookup Sales Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Credit Memos by Custom Fields 57653
Alert if Customer Contracts exist when entering a Sales Quote or Order 57816
Warehouse(s) options for Sales Order Product Substitutions list 57849
Sales Tax Code appears as GUID for each line in Sales Order 57880
“Cannot save changes because Sales Order has been modified by another user…” message while creating Sales Invoice 57921
Lot Number quantity may default to the availability from a subsequent lot number 57935
Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have been changed since it was last read. 58165
Synchronization with QuickBooks
“Value is empty” error during Invoice synchronization 58107
Web Store Integration
Multiple, duplicate shipments are being exported to Magento 57798
Expiration date may be imported incorrectly 57903
“Column ‘ShippedOn’ does not belong to table” error when exporting shipments to Volusion web stores 57936

You can also view the release notes for the prior release, ACCTivate! 8.0.