Version 8.1.2

ACCTivate! 8.1.2 is a service pack for version 8.1 and was released on May 14, 2013.

The release notes are listed below and available for download (PDF).  You can also download the release notes for the CYMA IV Edition (PDF).

The five digit number to the right of each item is the ticket number for the enhancement or bug fix.

Create Company
QuickBooks Class options not available after initial company creation 58220
Create company does not show the “ACCTivate” server entry when there’s more than one server to choose from 58403
Customer Information
Unused “Note” field appears on Products tab of Customer Information 57956
Database Maintenance
Database Prefix may be removed when editing and saving Database Sources 58326
Adjust Tour Guide links to new Help site 58158
Online Help link from Icon Bar and Help menu 58333
Import Data
“Cost Method must be None (blank) or Standard for non-inventoried…” received on product import when Cost Method is mapped to None (blank) or Standard 58015
Inventory Management
Warehouse Location is copied to next line on Inventory Adjustment 58291
“SqlCommand.Prepare method requires all variable length parameters…” error when posting Balance Adjustment for Lot/Serial number 58327
Print/Preview Report window does not appear when posting Inventory Balance Adjustment 58335
Registered Trial License should use licensed modules from web service instead of offline trial options 58411
NullReferenceException when opening Inventory Transfers on Mobile 58316
Product Information
“Multi-part identifier V.GUIDVendor…” error when looking up products by “Customer Product ID” for a specific vendor 57991
Purchasing Management
Type Mismatch when clicking Create POs if “Days to ship” Purchasing Option is not set 58359
Copy PO removes tax from details with Tax Included option on original PO in VAT editions 58315
Sales Order Import
Subdocument ‘order’: Cannot set warehouse for sales order line because it is not a standard or special order line 58051
When Importing Sales Orders, FOB text not being created on the order 58292
Sales Order Management
Price of first Sales Order line may change to $0.00 after adding new item to sales order with at least 6 lines 57848
Products added to a Sales Order prior to selecting a customer are lost 57925
Sales Tax may be incorrect when Invoice Discounts exist with “Shipping Exempt” tax items/groups 58075
Carrier and Service not updated to defaults for Ship Via when changing Customer on Sales Order 58268
Sales Tax Code appears as GUID on sales order line items when the customer is tax-exempt 58300
Invoice Data View (and Report) may include a tracking number from a voided carton 58357
Scheduling a Custom Kit removes changes to components on the sales order 58390
Synchronization with QuickBooks
“Customer not synchronized to QuickBooks…” warning during invoice synchronization 57311
QuickBooks synchronization may show unnecessary recommendation to run sync on the machine that it’s being run on 58332
Compatibility with Reckon Accounts 2013 (Australia) 58377
Web Store Integration
Web Store Integration with eBay stores 55705
Out of Memory Exception received during the Export of the Web Store sync 57282
Terms Code may not be set on imported Web Orders 57621
Magento download orders by range returns more orders than expected 58342