Version 8.1.4

ACCTivate! 8.1.4 is a service pack for version 8.1 and was released on October 9, 2013.

The release notes are listed below.  The five digit number to the right of each item is the ticket number for the enhancement or bug fix.

Business Activity Management
Business Activity Review records do not always update when changing assigned user 58523
Create Company
“Query timeout expired” toward end of “Copying orders” from QuickBooks 58611
“Object variable or With block variable not set” while “Copying orders” from QuickBooks 58676
Customer Information
Customer Tax Code default not being set when creating new customer 58471
Database Maintenance
Error 80040106 “DATABASE permission denied…” from Backup Company Data function 58030
Error upgrading from ACCTivate! 7.0.x or earlier to 8.0 or later 58623
“Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.tbReportDefinition'” may be received during database upgrade 58696
“The transaction ended in the trigger” during Database Verify if tbSystem is read-only 58707
EDI Manager
Missing lines in Warehouse Shipments (EDI 945) should not be backordered 58653
Warehouse Shipments (EDI 945) may fail but are logged as successful 58693
Deleted warehouses may still be selected for EDI Customer Purchase Orders (EDI 850) 58700
Recipient address should be copied for email replies when you’re the original sender 58646
Support for the 64-bit version of Microsoft SQL Server for CYMA Edition 47266
Support for Pervasive v11 (including 64-bit editions) 55915
/NoSQLExpressUpgrade argument for Full Install to skip SQL 2008 R2 Express upgrade 58680
Inventory Management
Lot or Serial number remains for original component when changing the product ID for a Component in a Variable Build/Batch assembly 53763
Freeze Count displaying incorrectly for Lot Numbered Products 58576
“Default Custom/Process Assembly component qty to 0” is ignored when changing (Production) Quantity for Process Assemblies 58613
WIP Yield may be calculated incorrectly on Split Work Order window for Inventory Process Assemblies 58616
Extra space may appear to right of some Inventory Transaction data grids if not using Warehouse Locations 58630
“Invalid use of Null” while selecting session on any inventory screen 58632
Performance issues attributed to Warehouse Locations and Lot/Serial Numbers 58635
Products removed from a warehouse may still appear on Inventory Count sheets 58654
Landed Cost
Landed Cost Allocation includes zero quantity (added cost) receipts 58584
Support for scanning barcodes on Janam XG100 Windows Mobile device 58461
Product Information
‘Price+VAT’ Column on Prices Tab of Product Window may appear in US Edition 58084
User able to view Vendor Price when View Cost permission is set to ‘No’ 58580
Purchasing Management
GL Expense Account for Inventoried and Special Order lines should be blank 58353
Explanation when attempting to change G/L Expense Account on Inventoried or Special Order PO lines 58464
Restrict Purchase Order line deletion or product ID change when related receipts and/or invoices exist 58582
Warning when transferring a license to a new computer 58735
Sales Order Import
“No value given for one or more required parameters” when importing sales orders from Microsoft Access 58660
Sales Order Management
Orders.WorkflowStatus report parameter drop-down should display full Workflow Status, not the Abbreviation 58299
Cursor jumps to a previous line when editing an existing Sales Order and pressing Enter or Down Arrow 58479
Payment Type is blank on in A/R invoice in CYMA version 13 58534
Performance issues with Sales Orders containing items with many Warehouse Bins/Locations 58657
Component list for a Standard Kit on a Sales Order may be incorrect 58684
“Error updating order detail lines” on Sales Order in UK edition 58699
Synchronization with QuickBooks
Invalid Character for Cast Specification error received during customer portion of sync 58281
Item cannot be found in the collection… error during Invoice synchronization 58643
“Retrieving…” counter for Synchronize Payments may be negative 58651
ACCTivate! Database Name incorrect after moving QuickBooks file when using a Database Prefix 58668
When disabling the “Only synchronize new customers with invoices” option, old customers that hadn’t been synchronized do not start synchronizing 58681
Web Store Integration
Recent shipments from shipping workstation may not synchronize to Web Store 58423
Email Address for new customer records may not be set by Web Store Sync 58557
“GUIDShipmentPack is neither a DataColumn…” while exporting shipments for eBay 58679