Version 8.1.5

ACCTivate! 8.1.5 is a service pack for version 8.1 and was released on December 03, 2013.

The release notes are listed below. The five digit number to the right of each item is the ticket number for the enhancement or bug fix.

Business Activity Management
Dates in Business Activity Review may show the year as ‘yy’ instead of the actual year 58774
Existing Custom Field information may get cleared for Business Activities 58823
Business Alerts
“Object variable …” error on Inventory tab of Business Alerts for users without “Product Vendors” permisison 58815
Create Company
Create Company doesn’t honor server database prefix setting 58695
Customer Information
“Popup” box on Ship-To > Misc tab is hidden after resizing Customer Information window 58525
Referred By may be cleared when modifying a Customer 58900
Database Maintenance
“Cannot execute as the database principal…” when launching ACCTivate! after creating a blank “ACCTivate” database in SQL Management Studio 58742
EDI Manager
“Query Timeout Expired” error may be received when selecting to send advanced shipping notices 58909
There may be a long delay when starting the EDI Send Shipping Notices function 58914
Import Data
“Invalid procedure call or argument” when selecting a .txt file for the Import Data function 58920
Compatibility with CYMA IV version 13.5 58731
Official support for installing ACCTivate! on Windows 8.1 58835
Inventory Management
“Row cannot be located for updating…” message when attempting to set the Count Qty on Enter Count window 58891
Warning when opening a Count Sheet that is being updated by another user 58892
Lot or Serial-numbered products in some locations may not appear on count sheet if “Include Empty Warehouse Locations” is unchecked 58918
Landed Cost
“ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request…” error when posting Landed Cost transaction 58810
Landed Cost utility behaving inconsistently for transfers when allocating by any option 58850
Item cannot be found in the collection error looking up Purchase Order 58841
Warning when attempting to save an inventory count that has been posted or deleted 55427
Previously counted lines may be cleared when saving a count sheet in ACCTivate! Mobile 58426
Warning when scanning a lot/serial number not found for the product 58608
When quantity on hand is negative you cannot receive PO on handheld 58713
“Scanner Not Found” when logging into ACCTivate on an Intermec device. 58836
Freeze quantity is zero when adding products to an existing count sheet via mobile 58889
Product Information
“Incorrect syntax near the keyword…” when changing the Product Lookup filter to a List type Custom Field 58819
Purchasing Management
New PO created when existing Special Order PO is displayed is marked as “Special Order” 58743
Sales Order Management
“Reference Number is required” when entering a new sales order with no payment in CYMA edition 58765
“Price not entered” when moving to next line after ‘N’ line without price 58821
ACCTivate! may crash when keying a Customer ID on a Sales Order with a ship-to pop-up note 58831
Sales Order may not allow the user to advance to the next line with ENTER or TAB for kits when grid must scroll 58844
Error received when using Customer Ship To Popup note 58886
Web Store Integration
“No orders validate” when Volusion order sequence is broken 58769