Version 9.0.5

9.0.5 is the fifth service pack for version 9.0. It includes over 69 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance.

Version 9.0.5 was generally available on March 21, 2015 (Build 4068). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Include Active status, On Hand and On PO quantities in Product Lookup
  • Compatibility with CYMA IV, version 14.0
  • Improvements to EDI Warehouse transactions (3PL)
  • Faster import of Sales Orders from QuickBooks
  • Faster Sales Order load times for customers with thousands of orders
  • Improved updates to Shopify and BigCommerce (item availability and order status)

The full release notes are listed below:

Configuration Including new Resolution Codes for Business Activities throws duplicate key exception
Create Company “Object variable or With block…” error during create company
Create Company Stocking unit is always EA for items imported from QuickBooks when using multiple UOM
Create Company Unnecessary license checks occur every 5 seconds while copying QuickBooks orders
Create Company Intacct create company fails if an AR terms description is longer than 31 characters
Create Company Intacct create company fails if there are more than 32 Product Lines
Create Company Customer invoice missing detail lines after create company process
Create Company “Generating short product names” error received during create company when preserving item hierarchy
Custom Fields Unable to filter Product Lookup by Custom Fields
Database Maintenance Create Company may be very slow when using MS SQL Server 2014
Demo Company Database Prefix is not supported by Reload Demo Data (LoadDB)
EDI Shipping and Other Charges should not be updated by EDI 3PL Warehouse Shipments (945)
EDI Do not export Warehouse Orders (940) if the Workflow status is Pick on Hold (H)
EDI Support for receiving lot numbers in 945 EDI document.
Email Sending email with multiple attachments may fail with “Unspecified Failure has occurred” when configured to use MAPI
General Users can create a sales order from a quote without the permission set to maintain sales orders
Import “Customer ID is not valid” message may be received when importing in Customer Prices for Customer:Jobs
Import Product Initial Balance import may not properly transfer products to multiple locations
Import Add Standard Cost to Warehouse section of Product Import
Import “Price Unit not Entered” message may be received adding a product to a Sales Order
Import “Invalid use of null” exception may be received during the Product Component import
Import “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” exception may be received editing import data template
Installation Compatibility with CYMA 14
Inventory “Operation is not allowed in this context” received when posting Inventory Transfer
Inventory Clicking or Tabbing out of Product ID in Inventory Assembly window reverts Component Quantity to build Qty of 1
Inventory Creating or loading Inventory Receipts may take a long time if many unposted sessions exist
Inventory “Lot / Serial number not found” when entering multiple products with lot numbers on a Balance Adjustment
Inventory When deleting lot or serial number from the enter counts window all transactions related to that lot or serial number lose their association with that lot/serial
Inventory “The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION” received when posting Inventory Transactions
Job “Invalid object name ‘tbTaxCategory'” may be received whenever creating an invoice for a job
Job “Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.” may be received when posting Job Material issues
Job JobAIAInvoice report IN CYMA may display the incorrect Contract Sum to date or the Work complete to date value
Landed Cost Landed Cost Error: “Rounding discrepancy too large for FixupRounding”
Landed Cost Unable to post Landed Cost session due to System.DateTime error for Intacct
Landed Cost Receive error “Multiple-step operation generated errors” when posting landed cost with bill.
Lookup Include “On Hand” and “On PO” in Product Lookup window
Lookup “Operation has been cancelled by the user” while scrolling through lookup window results
Lookup “Operation has been cancelled by the user” exception received on Product lookup
Lookup Add “X” column to product lookup window for inactive items
Product Removing alternate unit of measure from Product throws Run-time error ‘3265’
Product Removing all Alternate units of measure from product causes “Either BOF or EOF is True …”
Product Clearing Lot Number from Lots tab of product window removes the lot from the product.
Product Notes tab on product window shows the incorrect time stamp
Purchasing Synchronize Intacct A/P Terms list
Purchasing Changes to the Tax Code on the Purchase Invoice Other Amounts tab are not saved when selecting hte Landed Cost option for VAT editions
Purchasing Creating a “Job purchase order” may save as a “purchase order” in CYMA
Purchasing PO invoice approved amount may display the incorrect quantity for serial numbered products
Purchasing Users with Customer Order permission set to Not Allowed can View Order from Special or Drop Ship PO
Sales Order Users with “view only” permission should not be able to copy or cancel sales quotes, orders or credit memos
Sales Order Components are not scheduled properly when ScheduleOutOfStockItems flag is set
Sales Order Tax Location may pull the incorrect tax rate whenever changing the ship-to location on Sales Orders
Sales Order Loading Sales Orders for customers with many Orders may be slower than expected
Sales Order Copy Quote duplicates the line number when new products are added saving quote deletes products with duplicate line numbers
Sales Order Partially Shipped Sales Orders are Excluded from Print Pick Tickets Window
Sales Order Selecting Line Type before adding kit item throws errors blocking the user from adding more lines
Sales Order Add Packaging UOM and number of units related to Stocking UOM in Order Detail view
Sales Order “Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid” when scheduling a sales quote
Sales Order BOF or EOF error entering wrong sales order number into window with a custom checkbox field on sales order
Synchronization Add Description from Other Amount on PO Invoice to Memo line in Intacct
Synchronization “Object variable or With block variable not set” error may occur during invoice synchronization
Synchronization “Object variable or with block variable not set” Error Referencing [GetQBInvoiceTaxDiscrepancy] May Appear when Syncing Invoices
Synchronization Journal Number is excluded in synchronization errors in logged in SyncLog and ExceptionLog
Web Store Support for updating order status and item availability using Bigcommerce API V2
Web Store Default Shopify template brings in Canceled orders
Web Store Column ‘GUIDOrder’ does not belong to table error received with Export Shipments turned on for Shopify
Web Store Shipping charge uses incorrect warehouse during web store import.
Web Store Unable to export inventory quantities to Shopify web store.
Web Store Order total does not match Web Store’s total when importing both Sales Tax and Order Discount Amount
Web Store In export shipment code, suppress “exception #102: Cannot do shipment for order” for orders that are completed in Magento