Version 10.0


Version 10.0 is a major milestone in the Acctivate release history. Numerous enhancements have been made to refresh the user experience including a smoother, softer modern theme and four other major areas of improvement:

  • Consolidated Header/Detail tabs for Sales and Purchase Orders
  • New Process EDI function replaces separate EDI Manager
  • Track & Trace function for Lot Numbers
  • Support for Payment Gateway service

Version 10.0 (Build 4342) was generally available on December 10, 2015.  Please read our update instructions or visit the Downloads page now.

Some of the improvements below were included in version 9.0.6, which was distributed as a hot fix to some customers and not a general release.

You can also watch our What’s New in Version 10 webinar.  Other key improvements include:WhatsNewTenWebinar

  • Remember Business Alerts filter selections for each user
  • Support for CYMA IV version 15
  • Improvements to Custom Fields layout and sizing
  • Improvements to the performance of find/lookup windows
  • Ability to manage EDI Trading Partners in Configuration Management
  • Process EDI transactions by discovery of files for trading partner(s) in mailbox folders
  • Ability to process transactions for multiple EDI trading partners at one time
  • Email Message Preview pane for selected messages in email lists
  • New Send to Excel right-click menu on most data grids
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 editions
  • Lot/Serial improvements: longer (40 characters), sorted by Exp Date for picking, negative assembly components,
  • Support for Dolphin Windows Mobile devices
  • Quick Quote has been renamed as Price Check
  • Notes can be added to a completed Sales Order
  • Authorize + Capture two-stage credit card processing for QBMS and
  • Reference and Special Instructions for kit component sales order lines
  • Improvements to scan product barcodes on Package Shipments window
  • Simplified Synchronize with QuickBooks window
  • Numerous improvements to Intacct integration and synchronization
  • Ability to specify which warehouse(s) quantities are included in Availability for Web Store(s)
  • Prompt to confirm when closing main Acctivate window

The full release notes are listed below:

component summary
Attachments Ctrl + Shift + A opens Attachments not Business Activities as documented
Business Activity “Customer location not found” message after merging Customer in QuickBooks
Business Activity Business Activity displays incorrect contracts under Customer Location Related Item.
Business Alerts Remember previously selected filters on Sales Order Mgmt tab of Business Alerts
Configuration Update User Permission list to current terminology
Configuration Remove legacy COGS Adjustment account in product class list
Configuration Improvements to Company Info section of Configuration Management
Configuration Manually typed GL Accounts in Warehouse section are not saved
Configuration Run-Time Error ‘3001’ when adding a new unit of measure with an apostrophe
Configuration Incorrect TAB sequence for Users section of Configuration Management
Configuration Change FindOption() to use cached options from .Net
Configuration Crash during Unit of Measure setup when change UOM
Configuration Custom column order on Products tab of the Customer Window may not save after closing Acctivate
Configuration Users with order permissions set to “view only” cannot view sales orders.
Configuration User options are unsorted in config mgr
Configuration Shipment user permissions may not reflect what users can and cannot do in the Packaging menu
Configuration “Unable to connect to account:…” message may be received when testing connection with Avalara service
Create Company “Object variable or With block variable not set” exception if Company Name is blank
Create Company “Argument not optional” may occur when creating an Acctivate company from a CYMA 14 company
Custom Fields Custom Fields spanning multiple columns may not be visible
Custom Fields Order Detail Custom field popup box is not resizable
Customer Customer lookup performance improvements for Customers with many invoices
Customer ‘Referred By’ field on Customer Sales tab may be truncated when entering in a Customer:Job
Database Maintenance Allow database backup warnings to be delayed, but not dismissed completely
Database Maintenance INVTransactionDetail.POLineNumber is null for all rows
Database Maintenance Database Backup reports success but no backup created
Database Maintenance DBMaint crashes when duplicate tables/views exist under more than one owner.
EDI Configuration Management for EDI, including system and trading partner options
EDI Remove EDI log file, log exceptions to standard log file
EDI EDI Manager gives “Not Responding” message while import log is displayed
EDI Discover and process transactions for multiple EDI Trading Partners
EDI Consolidate EDI functions into ACCTivate! Desktop (Deprecate EDI Manager)
EDI EDI Ship To Warehouse default not being used
EDI Unexpected import function error received during EDI order import
EDI Errors received in EDI Manager aren’t written to the Log
EDI UOM on EDI Warehouse Shipment (945) line should be optional
EDI Could not find match for product error received when UPC listed on multiple products for EDI
EDI Improve date handling for EDI 850, 945
EDI Include range of document numbers created by EDI on-screen
EDI Warehouse Shipping Order (940) should include Scheduled Quantity Rather than Ordered Quantity
EDI Prompt to re-export Sales Order 3PL warehouse lines after re-scheduling a sales order
EDI Lines omitted from the Warehouse Shipping Advice (945) should set Scheduled quantity to zero.
EDI Completed Sales Order lines should not be updated by Warehouse Shipment (945)
EDI Workflow Status filter on Warehouse Shipping Order (940) EDI export
EDI Warehouse Shipping Advice (945) should contain Carrier Billing Option field.
Email Preview pane to display email message details when a message is selected in email lists
General “File name or class name not found during Automation operation” error if grid layout files are missing
General Add Send To Excel menu item to grid popup menus where possible
General Fix crashes when MDI child window is closed while loading
General “Object variable or With block variable not set” exception when attempting to create Business Activity
Import Import product classes from Excel file using Import Data function
Import The import balance adjustment should not have a field for locations.
Import Expand Import fields for Product records to include Reserved quantity and Note
Import Import product type from Excel for configuration
Import Component Import ignores 0 qty variable components for Custom Kits
Import Lot/Serial Import may add NULL warehouse
Import Sales Order Import should give exception when customer is not found
Import Product Prices import does not fail rows with bad Unit of Measure mapped
Import Product Prices import for customer-specific prices may run slower than expected
Installation Add support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Installation “Unexpected error connecting to SQL Server: Could not create SQLServer object: 80040154” error may be received when installing Acctivate
Installation Support for CYMA 15
Inventory Track and Trace Report for Lot or Serial Number
Inventory Sequence Lot/Serial numbers by Expiration Date first, then by lot/serial number
Inventory Expanded Lot/Serial number from 25 to 40 characters
Inventory Duplicate Warehouse Locations may exist in one warehouse with Multi Location Control enabled
Inventory New Lot or Serial numbers created for components of negative assemblies do not appear on Product Information window
Inventory Option to copy Lot/Serial attributes for new Inventory Receipt lines
Inventory ‘Query TimeOut’ when creating a new count sheet containing many lot/serial-numbered items
Inventory Inventory Transactions can be saved with a blank quantity if the grid is scrolled
Inventory Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record. Error when opening the inventory count entry window after Product ID has changed.
Inventory Able to post assembly with insufficient component lot quantity but sufficient Inventory quantity
Inventory Unit cost may be negative on a negative receipt for serialized products
Inventory Unable to select serial number on Sales Order window if the same serial number was entered for a different product
Inventory Actual Quantity for Variable Components does not update when entering Assembly Quantity
Inventory Option to include On PO quantity in Available quantity for each warehouse
Inventory Inactive Warehouses may appear in the drop down list for new Inventory Issue Transactions
Inventory After editing warehouse on detail lines of assembly session and saving, warehouse reverting back to original, without being in edit mode.
Inventory Assemblies may use the default warehouse location instead of the location specified on the transaction
Inventory “Lot / Serial number is required.” while trying to close Issues window
Inventory “Invalid character value for cast specification” may occur when posting negative assembly
Job Job Material Issues from Inventory window does not show session number
Landed Cost Unable to Load Lot Numbered Products into Landed Cost Session – Multiple Step Operation Error
Lookup Add configuration management setting to default vendor lookup by Address Name
Lookup Selecting the last visible item in a Lookup Window may select the item below it
Lookup “Operation cannot be performed while executing asynchronously” exception received on Product lookup
Lookup Address Name not available for Purchase Order lookup
Lookup Delay display of “Loading” label for a fraction of a second after a refresh
Lookup Non-paging lookup should remember grid position each time it is loaded
Mobile Support for barcode scanner on Dolphin devices running Windows Mobile
Mobile “Server Error in ‘/ACCTHandheld’ Application” error may be received when downloading the Acctivate installer in Mobile.
Mobile Mobile Inventory Count does not set Count Quantity to zero when option selected
Mobile Unable to remove Serial Numbers entered on Inventory Transfer Document on mobile device
Mobile Re-brand ACCTivate! Mobile as “Acctivate Mobile WMS”
Mobile Unable to post an Assembly transaction for a lot/serial numbered Assembly product in mobile
Mobile Request date will show a day before the order’s request date when using mobile picking
Mobile Order may not show to pick if the order “Not after” date is today or tomorrow
Mobile “Could not submit assemblies” message received saving and posting Mobile Assembly
Mobile Unable to receive inventory lots into locations with Mobile.
Pricing Allow user to open more than one Price Check (QuickQuote) window
Pricing Customer Specific Price may override Contract Price
Product Don’t allow modifications to Product Vendor tab for users without “Maintain” Product Vendor option
Purchasing “Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid” when clicking Receive on PO toolbar
Purchasing “Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid. PO_CheckTotals” received when saving Purchase Order
Purchasing “Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record” may be returned when posting a PO receipt
Purchasing Acctivate may block voiding of purchase invoice due to closing date, even though the cost has not changed
Quick Quote Rename “Quick Quote” function to “Price Check”
Quick Quote Inactive products can be used on a Quick Quote without Message popup
Reports Selection Criteria drop-down incorrect for Product ID on Inventory Valuation report
Reports CYMA users receive “Field name is not known” error when running standard InvAssembly.rpt report
Reports Default Inventory Ledger Report may time out and fail to return data
Reports Default Assembly Work Order report shows reversed Quantity and Yield values
Sales Order Cannot add notes / reminders to a completed sales order or credit memo
Sales Order Authorize a credit card prior to processing the sales order shipment or invoice
Sales Order Consolidated Carrier and Service Type drop-down on Sales Quote and Order
Sales Order Changing the warehouse on a sales order line with selected lot or serial numbers may cause inventory discrepancies
Sales Order Inactive Marketing Codes still appear in drop-down on Sales Quotes and Orders
Sales Order Support for Authorize.Net payment gateway (credit card processing)
Sales Order Capture credit card authorization and create payment during Invoicing process
Sales Order Display additional EDI information on a new “EDI” tab on the Sales Order window
Sales Order Sales Quote detail grid is unlocked before pressing New (or Edit) on the toolbar
Sales Order Bill of Lading has spelling and grammatical errors
Sales Order “Report definition for ” not found” message when printing invoices not created in ACCTivate!
Sales Order “Query timeout expired SELECT pp.Price…” error when creating invoices
Sales Order Sales Category may not be set for kit components on Sales Orders.
Sales Order Substitute button is not enabled when Substitutions popup window is displayed
Sales Order Cannot filter by Warehouse on Substitutions popup window with keyboard
Sales Order Sales Order performance improvements
Sales Order Invoice reference field throws exception if more than 30 characters “Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value.”
Sales Order Ship Date filter on Print Pick Tickets may incorrectly exclude some orders
Sales Order Tax amount may not be scheduled on Sales Orders after clicking “Use List” button
Sales Order Sales Order grid may become unresponsive after deleting detail lines
Sales Order Show message explaining that the customer on a sales order cannot be changed if there are associated invoices
Sales Order Unable to click/tab out of type field unless line type selected after adding sales order line
Sales Order “Recordset contains details that are not part of the same sales order” when cancelling a Service Order with a kit product
Sales Order Add Special Instructions and Reference fields to Kit Components window from Sales Order
Sales Order Improvements and clarifications to sales order window
Sales Order Order Hold window asks for current user’s password
Sales Order Selected numbers should be removed from the Select Lot Numbers list once selected
Sales Order Import “Cannot set warehouse for sales order line…” message may be received when importing Sales Order lines for items that cannot have a warehouse
Sales Order Import Import Sales Order may ignore imported line number
Sales Order Import Warn when Web Order Number is blank on a line in sales order import
Sales Order Import “Unknown property LineDiscountPct on object of type OrderLine…” error received when importing line order detail discount percent
Sales Tax Order Total Amount for non-tax Sales Orders may be submitted to AvaTax as zero dollars
Sales Tax Updating a Sales Order may excessively call GetTax function when using AvaTax Service
Sales Tax Option to exclude sending $0 Sales Orders to be calculated by AvaTax
Sales Tax Sales Tax is reported in QuickBooks using a “Tax Discrepancy” Other Charge Item for AvaTax calculated Invoices
Shipping User Interface to configure Shipment and Cartons Weight Units for Packaging Manager
Shipping Improvements to Package Shipments to better support USB barcode scanners
Shipping Prepare shipments unexpected loop – (94:0x5E) Invalid use of Null, fShipmentPreparation:LoadShipmentCodeDefaults
Shipping Carrier Billing Options do not work with Packaging Manager.
Synchronization Simplified “Synchronize with Quickbooks” window
Synchronization Include QuickBooks SDK 13.0
Synchronization Invoices created in Intacct after initial create company are not syncing to Acctivate
Synchronization Duplicate journal entries may be created if inventory transactions are posted on different workstations at the same time
Synchronization “Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel trying to sync” Inventory Journal to Intacct
Synchronization “Index was outside the bounds of the array” received during Intacct manual sync
Synchronization Add Customer Dimension to Item rows during Invoice sync for Intacct
Synchronization Synchronization with Intacct may report “Could not delete invoice … Record with id not found”
Synchronization “Object variable or With block variable not set” may occur during QuickBooks invoice synchronization
Synchronization “There was an error when saving a Invoice. QuickBooks error message: Transaction amount must be positive.” maybe received when Quickbooks tax groups are used with deposits
Synchronization “Item cannot be found in the collection …” may occur during synchronization with QuickBooks
User Interface Prompt when closing Acctivate to confirm if the user wants to close the program
User Interface Grid may not line up properly on Inventory Balance Adjustment window
User Interface Refreshed Design of Login window
User Interface Use latest QuickBooks green “QB” icon in Menus and Icon Bar
User Interface Acctivate window scaling may be lost when saving inventory transaction
Web Store Resize or Maximize the Web Store configuration / Sales Order Import window
Web Store Import Credit Card Authorization Information from Web Store
Web Store Improve error handling for BigCommerce
Web Store Ability to specify which warehouse(s) are included in Inventory Availability updates for Web Stores
Web Store Create scratchpad feature for designing web store xml value/table definitions
Web Store Shopify order import tries to bring in the last order from the last sync.
Web Store Web Store Warning “The field ‘inventory_level’ is invalid.” may Appear During BigCommerce V2 Inventory Export
Web Store Add template option for importing bundles with original price
Web Store Accept URL to web store front instead of to webservice for most web store types
Web Store Shipping data not exporting to Amazon webstore
Web Store BigCommerceV2 webstore sync hangs during downloading customer step.
Web Store BigCommerce V2 may import new customers when a matching Customer is found in Acctivate
Web Store Acctivate may ignore line discounts on Magento orders
Web Store Add more XPath custom functions
Web Store “Avalara returned an exception: An address is incomplete or invalid (Subdocument ‘order’)” when downloading BigCommerce V2 orders without an address.
Web Store Importing Shipping Item in from Big Commerce V2 does not set “Freight” flag in tbOrderDetail.
Web Store New Amazon templates should create one shipment record and record tax at the order header level by default
Web Store “Encryption Key is not set in template options…” should be an informational message, not a warning
Web Store may return “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.” when attempting to import in orders
Web Store “Non-taxable” Tax code for shipping product may be overridden with Customer tax code importing from an Amazon Webstore