Version 10.0 sp2

Version 10.0 sp2 is the second service pack for version 10.0. It includes 31 improvements to introduce stability for version 10.0.  Please view the Acctivate Downloads page for links to download the latest software updates.

Version 10.0 sp2 was generally available on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 (Build 4357). The full release notes are listed below:

Customer Active box no longer appears on the Contacts tab of Customer Information
Database Maintenance Acctivate Database Maintenance doesn’t start if database password is incorrect
Database Maintenance “An SqlParameter with ParameterName ‘GUID’ is not contained by this SqlParameterCollection.” may occur when upgrading database
Database Maintenance “Invalid property value” may occur when opening Database Sources in Database Maintenance
Database Maintenance “Key is not unique in collection” may occur when creating new database source
EDI Make EDI Option fields more intuitive
EDI Copying EDI Trading Partner in Configuration Manager removes Transactions.
EDI Block users from editing the Partner ID and Partner Name
EDI Option to include AI in SSCC-18 in ASNs may not work
Inventory Location field length in inventory transfer window is shorter than the location fields on other windows.
Landed Cost Landed Cost window displays table data and becomes non-responsive when deleting first row of loaded transaction.
Mobile Looking up products on Mobile results in error
Mobile Acctivate Mobile will not read the full 12 digit barcode on Dolphin 99GX
Mobile Handle return key in Exp Date and Reference fields in mobile receipts lot # window
Pricing Actual Weight not available for Catch Weight pricing on Lot Numbers after Sales Order Import
Product Run-time error 380 may occur when restoring minimized Acctivate window if Product window is open
Purchasing Acctivate may hang when selecting an Invoice Date on the Purchase Invoice screen
Sales Order “Invalid line type on line” message received when entering products on a Sales Order
Sales Order “Could not get credit card authorization response” error when using
Sales Order “Object variable or With block variable not set” may be returned when changing a productID in a Sales order
Sales Order Credit Memo crashes Acctivate with Run-time error when trying to select lot after voiding invoice with positive quantity and correcting with negative quantity
Sales Order Object variable or With block variable not set when Unchecking the Charge CC box on the Payment/Invoice after an order has been PreAuthorized
Sales Order “Invalid property array index” error when right-clicking in details grid
Sales Order Unable to change Kit Quantity for a Custom Kit with Variable Components on a Sales Order.
Sales Order Ship Via showing two different values when customer has a different selection than default in Configuration
Sales Order Carrier name does not appear in Service drop-down on Sales Order
Synchronization “Method ‘~’ of object ‘~’ failed” error during customer synchronization if a note exceeds 4,095 characters
Synchronization Email coming into the CCPostalCode field when authorizing payments
Web Store Workflow status field does not map correctly from webstore
Web Store Webstore may not export inventory correctly based on the last transaction
Web Store Web store may result in exception saying customers.xml file not found if no customers were downloaded