Version 10.0 sp3

Version 10.0 sp3 is the third service pack for version 10.0. It includes 37 improvements to introduce stability for version 10.0.  Please view the Acctivate Downloads page for links to download the latest software updates.

Version 10.0 sp3 was generally available on Thursday, March 31, 2016 (Build 4367). The full release notes are listed below:

Business Activity Cancelling service order invoice still shows as billed on Business Activity
Business Activity Voiding service order created from Business Activity does not uncheck all material entries.
Business Activity Context menus (right-click) to Cut, Copy, Paste may not work for Time/Materials grids
Business Activity Business Activity ID-Description may be missing in Service Scheduling for some Activities
Business Activity BusinessActivityRelatedItems view may not show name for linked external item
Create Company Receive ‘Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. Insert into ACCTivate: CCPostalCode’ when syncing with QuickBooks.
EDI %BRANCHID% EDI mask no longer populates the Branch in the Mailbox Path and Mailbox File Mask
EDI “Conversion from string “DS” to type ‘Decimal’ is not valid.” error may be received when exporting EDI Invoices
Email Email Drag and Drop not consistently working
Email Fully support Track/Trace in Email and Template windows
Import “ACCTivate” listed on warnings for Sales Order Import
Inventory Track and Trace may not display the correct date in the result window
Inventory Copying Trace to create new one removes details of original Trace
Job “This property is only implemented for QuickBooks” error when selecting a Job ID on a Purchase Order in CYMA
Landed Cost Unable to change the Allocation Percent or Amount on Landed Cost Transactions
Product “Object variable or With block variable not set” may occur when editing product lot information
Reports Sales Order Summary by Period includes Cancelled Orders
Sales Order Cancelled orders not marked as Complete on Product window
Sales Order Changing Location on a Sales Order does not update data
Sales Order Unable to change the ship to location on some sales orders
Sales Order Sales Order Shipping Address carries over from order to order after editing.
Sales Order “Cannot find Branch” message received adding a Customer to a Sales Order
Sales Order Tax code on VAT editions not displaying correctly
Sales Order Receive Invalid Salesperson message when creating an order for a customer who has a default salesperson set.
Sales Order Multiple-step operation generated errors received when invoicing order and SoldToName is longer than 50 characters
Sales Order Terms blank creating new Sales Order when not the default Customer Terms
Sales Order Copied Sales Orders may not have Sales Tax re-calculated
Sales Order QuickBooks mentioned in closing date message when modifying customer invoice in Intacct edition
Sales Order Customer credit card information does not automatically show when Invoicing sales order
Sales Tax Origin address for Avalara tax service should be branch address for non-inventoried sales order lines
Synchronization Intacct synchronization may fail with “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
Synchronization Multiple-step operation generated errors received when invoicing order and salesperson ID is longer than 5 characters
User Interface Reset button on address fields to revert address to default for related entity (e.g. Customer)
User Interface Skin on Register Acctivate window not updated
User Interface Header color of Activity in Service Scheduling hard to see
User Interface Priority Icons for Service Scheduling using Status Icons instead
Web Store Shopify Web Store is not generating webservice URL from webstore URL