Version 10.1

Version 10.1 is a minor update in the Acctivate release history, but it includes some great enhancements throughout the modules including significant improvements to the Find/Search functionality, Notes/Reminders and filters for Crystal Reports.

Version 10.1 (Build 4565) was generally available on June 21, 2016.  Please read our update instructions or visit the Downloads page now.

What's new in 10.1You can also watch our What’s New in Version 10.1 webinar.

Key improvements include:

We also have some new system requirements:

  • QuickBooks 2008 8.0 or later is now a requirement (for QuickBooks editions)
  • Windows XP is no longer supported (due to .NET 4.5 requirements)
  • Windows 2003 Server is no longer supported (due to .NET 4.5 requirements)

The full release notes are listed below:

Note: Some of the improvements below were included in version 10.0sp4, which was distributed as a hot fix to some customers and not a general release.

Business Activity Add option to search for Business Activities “By Note”
Business Alerts Add print buttons to Sales Order Mgmt tab of Business Alerts
Business Alerts “Currency” column title appears on Sales Order Mgmt tab with wrong data for single-currency companies
Configuration Tax Exemption Code is displayed in customer type grid of Configuration Manager when Avalara is not configured.
Configuration Preview Locations and Warehouse overlap when enabling locations in Configuration Manager.
Create Company Credit Memos may not be applied during Create Company wizard
Create Company Invalid path for Inventory spreadsheet creation crashes create company
Custom Fields Display and allow changes to Sales Invoice Custom Fields on View Invoice window
Custom Fields Custom Field length on screen not matching up to character limits
Customer “Zero limit indicates no pre-approved credit” option in Configuration Management does not place customers with balances and zero limit on hold
Customer Rename field title from ‘Pager’ to ‘Other’ on Customer Contacts tab
Customer Clicking row on Product tab of Customer window crashes Acctivate.
EDI Opening EDI section of Configuration Manager may crash Acctivate
EDI EDI 940 exports the Cancel After Date in an inconsistent date format
EDI Use Customer Product ID on 810 if no data exists in tbEDIOrderDetailEx.BuyerProductID
Email Email Message Templates for Sales Invoice should use Invoice view, not Orders
Email Add default message template configuration for emailing documents
General “Specified argument was out of range of valid values. Parameter name: index.” when Processing EDI 850 Transaction
Import Import Inventory Transfer transaction(s) from Microsoft Excel or CSV files
Import Add “External Document” to Product import
Import “Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid” when importing an Inventory Receipt from Excel/CSV
Installation Receive “Could not install SQL Server 2014 Express (Error bc2)” during installation
Installation Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server are no longer supported due to requirements of the Microsoft .NET 4.5 runtime
Inventory Remember window size and column sizes for Inventory Transaction windows
Inventory Last Cost of an Assembly may not be updated if the cost of the components changes, modifying the cost of the Assembly
Job Job Invoicing should sort by EntryDate for PreviousBilling and Retainage Amounts
Job Unable to see the Reprint Button on the Invoice tab of the Job Management window.
Lookup New Lookup option to search for each word regardless of sequence in text
Lookup Improve performance of the Sales Order lookup window by “paging” the results
Mobile HTTP 500.19 error received after installing Acctivate Mobile and browsing to the ACCTHandheld webservice
Notes Improved Note / Reminder pop-up window including follow-up, related item and attachments
Pricing Customer specific prices for price categories
Product Prompt to update open sales and purchase orders after changing product ID
Product Add a browse button for external documents for users to select a file from their computer
Product Change wording for Sales Quote on product history tab to be shortened to Quote
Product Unable to change or delete duplicate Product Type codes in Configuration Management
Product Run-time error ‘384’ error when clicking “zoom” on product picture
Product Do not allow Component(s) of a Standard Assembly to be marked as “Variable”
Purchasing Include Vendor Contact Name in Contact drop-down on PO window
Purchasing Automatically schedule sales order lines when receiving a special order purchase order
Purchasing Inventory Receipt for should use Purchase Order Line Description instead of Product Description
Purchasing Purchase Invoice totals do not update until pressing Save
Purchasing PO ship to address field extends on top of the contact and ship attn if window is maximized
Purchasing “Item cannot be found in the collection…” may be recieved in Acctivate CYMA when changing the Vendor Contact
Purchasing Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid. Application Module: fPO, Subroutine: PO_CheckTotals
Purchasing Purchase Order lines not re-numbering when line is deleted
Purchasing “An unknown error has occurred.” error if adding a Ship To Address on a PO with no warehouse set
Reports This Year, Last Year, Specific Year, This Quarter. Last Quarter, Specific Quarter and Specific Month/Week filters for Reports and Dashboards
Reports Crystal Report Preview may not resize properly while report is still loading
Reports Stock on Hand report shows deleted warehouses with no remaining inventory
Reports Transfer report should include warehouse bins/locations
Reports “This Month” filter may include the first day of the next month when previewing a report by date
Reports Report scroll bars may not respond over remote desktop
Reports Assembly Component Requirements report excludes records
Reports “Less than” and “Greater than” should be labeled “Before” and “After” for report date filters
Sales Order Hide “Preview” option on Release Order window until Print is checked
Sales Order Sales Order Filters for Scheduled Order Report
Sales Order Populate Total Weight on the Create Invoice window for scheduled items
Sales Order Set workflow status to ‘Pick In Progress’ once pick ticket has been printed
Sales Order Function to Create Credit Memo from Sales Order Window with link to original order on new credit
Sales Order Ability to toggle sales order between scheduled and ordered amounts for lines and totals
Sales Order User permission/restriction for adding or changing the Sales Order discount field
Sales Order Add Terms to Payments tab on Sales Order
Sales Order Ship To Location Contact does not toggle with Ship To Location when Contact not Overridden on Order
Sales Order Include option to set workflow status when re-scheduling an order.
Sales Order Mouse pointer may be left in “busy” state
Sales Order Able to modify kit component location without being in Edit mode or being able to save information
Sales Order Warning icon may display on the Customer tab of a Credit Memo
Sales Order Sales Order Carrier Service may duplicate the Carrier if the description includes the carrier as well.
Sales Order Duplicate line number may occur after entering an “Invalid Product ID”
Synchronization Block synchronization for users running QuickBooks 2007 or earlier
User Interface View current users window no longer automatically refreshes
Web Store Web Store Sync auto-sync option for 5, 15 or 60 minutes
Web Store Web store sync may skip Amazon orders that were previously “Pending”
Web Store Concurrency violation during Web Store Sync when two sync windows are open
Web Store “The field ‘quantity’ is invalid…” web server error may be received if BigCommerce inventory is disabled and Export Shipments is enabled
Web Store Add Warehouse field to charge / discounts sections in column mapper
Web Store Add Product ID (“Code”), etc fields to Order Header charge/discount fields
Web Store Add multiple charge/discount sections to column mapper
Web Store Copy Alternate Customer ID from Order Header to customer record for “Guest” orders
Web Store Export web store Update Inventory Request in smaller chunks to avoid time out issues.
Web Store Export web store Update Tracking Number Request in smaller chunks to avoid time out issues.
Web Store Web Store Integration with SparkPay
Web Store Default values for Custom fields not working with Webstore Sync
Web Store Store computed xpath values in attribute instead of text.
Web Store “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.” message may be received when importing webstore orders using HTTPS
Web Store Export shipment detail by Alternate Product ID if option is enabled
Web Store Receive error when syncing with Magento: “Unable to decrypt CC number: The input is not a valid Base-64 string as it contains a non-base 64 character, more than two padding characters, or an illegal character among the padding characters.”
Web Store Export original Product ID on web store shipment export if substitution button used on order.