Version 10.1 sp2

Version 10.1 sp2 is the second service pack for version 10.1. It includes 28 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance.

Version 10.1 sp2 was generally available on September 14, 2016 (Build 4584). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Stability to Sales Order entry grid*
  • Magento inventory export performance
  • Packaging Manager / EDI ASN improvements for case quantities and weight

Important Note: SP2 fixes a Sales Order grid scrolling bug that may cause a price to change to $0.00.  If you’re running an earlier 10.1 build including the a “preview” build, please upgrade to 10.1 SP2.

The full release notes are listed below:

EDI EDI 810 and 856 not calculating weight correctly
EDI EDI 810 Total Cases Shipped is not reflecting the accurate carton amount according to the shipment related to the order.
EDI EDI module errors when 80+ files are being processed for import
General Windows 10 is listed as Windows 8.1 in Acctivate exception log files.
General Object or variable not set error closing Acctivate
License “Create failed for UserDefinedFunction …” error when starting a hosted installation of Acctivate
Lookup Invalid use of Null, Cannot find column … or Object variable or with block messages appear in Choose (Lookup) windows
Pricing Price Check uses first alphabetical warehouse no matter what product line is chosen in product lookup.
Purchasing Unable to save changes to Exchange Rate on PO Invoice
Purchasing “Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.” received when saving purchase order.
Purchasing An insufficient number of arguments were supplied for the procedure or function dbo.fnCustomerHoldStatus
Reports Minimize Button on Report Selection Criteria
Reports Changing Customer Type or Salesperson ID filters in reports causes Acctivate to crash
Sales Order Payments tab appears on Sales Order, but payments do not sync to Intacct (Hide Payments tab)
Sales Order Alternative Ship To location should only be used if Ship To tab is active on Customer Info window when creating a New Sales Quote, Order or Credit
Sales Order “Multiple-step operation generated errors….” might be received whenever creating an invoice
Sales Order Email Address may be placed in the “contact Phone” field on a sales order
Sales Order Email not coming into sales order from customer for CYMA version
Sales Order Method of Payment code not set for payments from the Create Invoice window for CYMA users
Sales Order Price on Sales Order detail line may change to $0.00 when scrolling while editing order
Sales Order Credit payments are reaching the credit limit when payment is above half the limit.
Sales Order No longer able to enter a “payment” amount for negative Sales Orders in CYMA edition
Sales Order Import Mapping and joining fails for fields of the same name in multiple files
Synchronization “Not well-formed (invalid token)” error when syncing with Intacct
Web Store Improve performance of inventory updates with Magento
Web Store ‘Operator ‘Not’ is not defined for type ‘DBNull” received on Export Shipments section of Magento Webstore Sync
Web Store Custom fields cannot be imported using Webstore import
Web Store “Could not export inventory. Server returned error: There is no row at position 0.” received when exporting inventory to a Volusion webstore.