Version 10.3 sp1

Version 10.3 sp1 is the first service pack for version 10.3. It includes almost 60 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance.

Version 10.3 sp1 was generally available on February 6, 2018 (Build 4857). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Improved support the latest Crystal Reports run-time, including page size/orientation and export options
  • Improved stability of Sales Order entry grid especially when scrolling through lengthy orders
  • Fixed non-standard sales order line problems, including the ability to change line type more easily
  • Fixed inventory availability sync for Amazon, eBay and SparkPay
  • Added support for upcoming required Mobile/E-Commerce fields for Intuit Payments (QuickBooks Merchant Service
  • Fixed QuickBooks Sync issues that could lead to many duplicate customer payments
  • Fixed problems causing filters for lookup windows to not apply until you click Refresh

The full release notes are listed below:

Component Summary
Business Alerts Hide IsAssembly column in Reorder Wizard
Configuration “Operation Canceled” error when entering more than 41 characters in either address lines for warehouses in configuration manager
Customer ‘View Lot/Serial’ on the Products tab of the Customer Information window for Drop Ship lines may crash Acctivate
Customer Acctivate error (-2146232060:0x80131904) Type DATE is not a defined system type” when running on SQL 2005
EDI Sales Order Product ID for EDI orders may be blank when there is no matching product ID for non-standard lines
General Opening Configuration Manager may not release GDI Objects for all windows closed
General Delay loading of Email/Note lists for Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Business Activities to improve window load times
General Remove “Unable to save user option” dialogs when closing windows
Import Ability to designate preferred vendor during product import.
Import Import error messages when importing data from Excel/CSV files
Import Import for Alternate Product ID may not set Webstore Template ID
Import Conversion from type ‘Field’ to type ‘String’ is not valid returned importing “new” warehouses
Import Importing new customer records will return “Customer ID: More than one customer record matched the given customer ID”
Inventory Warehouse Bin/Location should not be allowed to be inactive if quantity on hand is not zero
Inventory “Form already displayed; can’t show modally” when adding a product to an inventory adjustment
Inventory Include WIP quantity for component availability when determining suggested build quantities for Assemblies
Lookup Filters for Lookup windows may not be applied until you click Refresh or change filter drop-downs after emailing a report
Lookup Choose Product window should not display after selecting a product from the lookup if another product has the product ID of that product as an alternate product ID.
Lookup Searching by Alt Description should not require an Alt Product ID
Pricing Invoice Discount Percentage should support up to 4 decimal places
Product “Vendor ‘SomeVendor’ is already present in the vendor grid” message received when adding a vendor to a new product.
Product Copy Product should copy over Primary Alt IDs (UPC and Alt Product ID)
Purchasing Vendor price may not change when choosing from multiple vendor productIDs on a PO
Reports Add additional Crystal Report export formatting options for Excel
Reports Option to “Create bookmarks from group tree” when exporting a report to PDF was removed in 10.3
Reports Report Export includes entire report even when a drill-down tab is selected
Reports “Operation illegal on linked parameter.” when running a report with a subreport using Acctivate specific company parameters
Reports “Load report failed. The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached.” received refreshing reports
Reports Report viewer may not display the proper report if selected from an “older” criteria window is open
Reports “Unable to start the print job. It may not be possible in the current security context.” error received after selecting to Print to PDF and cancelling before saving the file.
Reports “As of Date” in report selection criteria is selecting today’s date and not the entered date
Reports Default workstation printer page size used for reports instead of the printer selected on the report in Configuration manager.
Reports “Settings to access printer ” are not valid.” when invalid printer assignment exists
Sales Order Allow Sales Order Line Type changes between Standard and Non-Standard
Sales Order Non-Standard Line Type Should Automatically Populate Product Details in Credit Memo
Sales Order Non-Standard Lines do not allow you to choose any Unit of Measure
Sales Order Altered Price reverts to original value after inserting and/or deleting Sales Order lines
Sales Order Payment Type defaults to Credit Card on new sales orders and quotes
Sales Order Acctivate Allows Real Product Selection On N Lines
Sales Order Special Order lines are excluded from Packaging Manager.
Sales Order Tax Code and Price Unit not defaulted from Product when using a valid Product ID on a Non-Standard Sales Order line
Sales Order “Tax code is required…” message is returned when saving a credit for a non-standard, non-inventoried product
Sales Order “Multiple products exist” warning should be displayed when ambiguous alternate IDs exist and user closes pop-up window
Sales Order Reference field on Order Detail lines no longer editable in 10.3
Sales Order Sales Order Detail lines change price to $0.00
Sales Order The “Unschedule” action in Order Manager does not set Scheduled quantities to 0
Sales Order Set IsECommerce QuickBooks Merchant Service (QBMS) option for payments related to web orders
Sales Order Some fields are skipped in grid when using TAB after using SHIFT+TAB to move to a prior row on a long Sales Order
Sales Order “Row handle referred to a deleted row…” error when using Ctrl+Del to delete a new sales order row
Sales Order Import Please review the relationships and field mapping for the source tables. Error: No value given for one or more required parameters on Sales Order Import, after Permission Denied
Synchronization Duplicate Customer Payment records created in QuickBooks
Synchronization “Would have duplicated transaction [Invoice Number] ()” may occur during invoice synchronization with QuickBooks
Web Store Amazon Webstore Export Inventory may not update Products to be Available or Unavailable online.
Web Store For eBay inventory export, must send both ItemID and SKU to update inventory for certain products
Web Store Send “In Stock” status update to Sparkpay webstore when exporting inventory levels greater than 0
Web Store “Invalid column name ‘AlternateProductID'” error when exporting shipments when “Export by alternate product ID” is enabled.
Web Store Custom field values may not be imported during Web Store Sync