Version 10.3 sp2

Version 10.3 sp2 is the second service pack for version 10.3. It includes 52 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance.

Version 10.3 sp2 was generally available on April 27, 2018 (Build 4877). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Numerous usability fixes for Sales Order and Inventory transaction processing
  • Performance improvements for high-volume Amazon FBA customers

The full release notes are listed below:

Component Summary
Business Activity “Object variable or With block variable not set” while loading Business Activity
Business Activity Lookup buttons on Materials tab are visible and active when in Saved mode
Business Activity Unable to change the Product on the Materials tab of a Business Activity
Business Alerts Add ability to easily select multiple Web Orders rows in Business Alerts.
Configuration A valid Status from the drop-down is required received modifying workflow status in configuration manager
Custom Fields Have “Enter” key move to next grid line, but also have “Shift-Enter” add a new line for Custom Lists
Dashboard Acctivate may hang when logging in if the user option to “Open Dashboard Automatically” is enabled
Database Maintenance TAB sequence is incorrect for Database Sources window in Database Maintenance app
EDI Improve error messages when clicking ‘Refresh’ on Process EDI window, instead of crashing
EDI Export EDI 861 Receiving Advice to NCR (X12 format) for Team One Repair
EDI Mixed EDI 3PL Warehouses on the same order may cause Acctivate to incorrectly unschedule and back order lines on a sales order.
EDI Use product’s UPC from EDI Customer Purchase Order (850) on EDI Customer Invoice (810)
Import “Connection is busy with results for another command…” when repeatedly saving Sales Orders from EDI, Imports, Mobile or Web Stores
Inventory Scheduled Special Order Lines Do Not Change Availability
Inventory “Object variable or With block variable not set” may occur when entering lot/serial # for component on negative assembly
Inventory “Object variable or With block variable not set” while processing Inventory transactions.
Inventory Clicking into the Product ID field of an existing inventory adjustment changes the ID to {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
Mobile Line Amount may be incorrect when scanning barcodes containing net weight for lot/serial numbers on catch weights
Mobile Scheduled Totals and Invoice Totals = 0 when scanning catch weights on Mobile
Mobile Cannot access mobile printing configuration if DEMO company doesn’t exist in Acctivate
Pricing Maintain Price Codes window may incorrectly change the Unit of an existing Price record
Product Modifying List Price doesn’t update if changing tabs before saving.
Product Last cost on Product Components tab may not flow through multi-level kits
Product Popup Notes for products may not always popup again on new orders
Product Product Lots tab sorts lot numbers alphanumerically, instead of by the received date
Product Cannot set the Alt Product ID or UPC when creating a new product until it’s been saved
Purchasing “Price unit not entered” when trying to add a product to an previously invoiced Purchase Order
Purchasing “Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record” may be returned when voiding a PO invoice if receipt is voided first
Purchasing “Non-nullable column cannot be updated to Null. Checking Purchase Invoice Line against Receipt.” received when attempting to create Purchase order Invoice.
Purchasing “Form already displayed; can’t show modally” when typing an ambiguous product ID on a PO
Reports Report field spacing changed after resizing preview of report.
Reports Restore the ability to export Crystal Reports in the Tab-delimited (TXT) format
Reports Hidden option to use Page Size/Orientation from Crystal Report (RPT) file instead of destination printer
Sales Order “Price unit not entered” warning when entering Sales Order if “List price if none specified” is turned off
Sales Order Price Quantity not refreshing on sales order when price u/m change on Sales Order.
Sales Order Pasting a lot/serial number into the component of a kit product uses the first lot/serial number in the list rather than the pasted value.
Sales Order Address Spacing wrong on reports if no state/province is entered
Sales Order Sales Order line details may not be updated when changing product ID
Sales Order Order Manager has typo when printing shipping documents; “Print shipping documentss”
Sales Order Sales Order “PickTicketPrinted” field not updated when printing Pick Ticket reports from Sales Order Manager
Sales Tax Discrepancy between the Invoice header sales tax amount and the sum of the invoice detail sales tax amounts in CYMA edition
Shipping Ability to pack kit components into separate Cartons in Packaging Manager
Shipping Prepare Shipments was using legacy tbShipmentCode for Weight Unit instead of value from Config Mgr
Shipping “Incorrect syntax near ‘…’. while processing Shipping Workstation records” received when opening Order manager when carrier has an apostrophe in the Carrier Id.
Synchronization “Invalid Amount Format” … synchronization error may be received when credit limit amount contains more than 2 decimals
Synchronization Include Last Sync Time in log files when it is more than 72 hours
Synchronization Invalid Amount Format if payment has more than two decimal places
Web Store Overflow exception when using the automatic web store sync option of “every 1 hour”
Web Store Add “Encryption key for decrypting CC numbers” template option to the Native Web Store template
Web Store Customers created from web store use company default Branch ID rather than Web Template default Branch ID.
Web Store “Download items for pending orders” option to reduce API calls to Amazon MWS
Web Store Include Product IDs and quantities shipped in Native Template update tracking numbers request