Version 10.3 sp3

Version 10.3 sp3 is the third service pack for version 10.3. It includes over 60 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance, and add support for Magento 2.2

Version 10.3 sp3 was generally available on July 9, 2018 (Build 4898). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Support for Magento 2.2
  • Alternate Product ID improvements
  • Custom Field improvements
  • Vendor Bill in QuickBooks is now deleted when voiding a Landed Cost session
  • Popup notes are now only displayed when entering a new sales order line
  • Performance improvements for Web Store Sync

The full release notes of all bug fixes, enhancements and improvements are listed below:

Component Summary
Business Activity Product lookup button may not be available on Business Activities Material tab
Business Alerts Acctivate may crash when selecting the Assemblies tab in Business Alerts if an open Assembly product contains itself as a component
Configuration “Row handle referred to a deleted row or a row marked for deletion.” when deleting a warehouse location
Custom Fields “Column names in each table must be unique” after creating a Custom Field with an existing field name
Custom Fields Default value for a Checkbox custom field should be False, not Null
Custom Fields Prevent deletion of Custom Fields in Configuration Manager
Custom Fields Custom Field entry in Config is confusing
Custom Fields Custom Field Bug when changing length to smaller number
Custom Fields Reliability of saves in Custom Field Configuration and User Interface improvements
Custom Fields Ampersand (&) does not show in Custom Field Caption
Database Maintenance “Invalid column name ‘GUIHexColor'” error after backup completes
General Running Database Verification on Right Networks returns exception when trying “Verifying stored procedure spUpdateIndexStats WITH EXECUTE AS ‘{dbowner}'”
Import Error messages pop up during Product Import when transactions exist rather than just failing the rows
Import Importing Web Alternate ID’s may fail when using defaults on import
Import Cannot import encrypted credit card numbers using Native webstore integration
Import Alternate Product ID’s and Vendor Product ID’s not recognized during PO receipt import.
Inventory “Lot/Serial Number not found” returned when trying to save or edit lot numbers on Inventory Adjustments, Transfers, or Issues
Inventory Choose Product window may show unneccesarily in Balance Adjustment window.
Inventory Unable to type in Substitution Product ID
Inventory Change Assembly Work Order Workflow Status window clears the workflow status when entering in the work order number
Inventory Lot/Serial selection dropdown may not appear for component on Inventory Assemblies
Inventory Can’t add custom component to custom assembly
Inventory Lot/Serial Numbers disappear when editing Inventory Issues and Adjustments
Inventory Change to Session Date on inventory balance adjustment may not be saved
Inventory Lot / Serial Number Required when saving Transfer
Landed Cost “Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint…” Exception when posting Landed Cost.
Lookup Lookup grid row height gripper allows setting row size smaller than minimum size
Product Location field on Products (for those companies not using Multiple Location Control) disappears after going to a product that doesn’t have that field and back.
Product Create Product Alt view for tbProductAlt table
Product Import Picture on Specs tab may import an image even after hitting cancel
Product Adding new Vendor to Product does not display after saving
Purchasing Voiding a Landed Cost session doesn’t remove the session from the PO Invoice Other Amounts tab.
Purchasing Deleted Vendor Bills for Landed Cost are re-created by Acctivate during the next synchronization
Purchasing trying to void Purchase Invoice after voiding PO inventory receipt results in: Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.
Purchasing Product Lookup may not update the product ID on an existing PO line
Purchasing Cannot save a PO Invoice if the landed cost amount has more than 2 decimal places
Purchasing Using Insert Row twice on PO may populate the Product ID from the Last Line
Purchasing Copying PO very slow with grid flashing blank lines
Purchasing Copied PO shows line 1 over the last line
Purchasing Copied PO displays warning “The vendor has changed for this Purchase Order…”
Sales Order Ship Date and Shipping Charge should set from last shipment for Create Invoice and Prepare Invoices windows
Sales Order “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” when attempting to authorize or charge credit card in Acctivate. User prompted for session ticket.
Sales Order Product ID is cleared from Sales Order entry grid after “Invalid Product ID” warning
Sales Order Product Popup Notes show when scrolling through Sales Order.
Sales Order Editing or saving an order in Acctivate triggers the customer popup note to be displayed
Sales Order Sales Order grid detail lines may not appear after entering an incorrect Product ID and closing the order without saving
Sales Order “Quantity may not be 0” when scheduling Lot/Serial controlled Kit Components.
Sales Order LastShipmentDate in Sales Orders view is blank until invoice is created
Sales Order $0.00 sales order line amount for lot-numbered items using weight-based prices (Catch Weights) until the lot number is selected
Sales Tax Sales and Purchase Tax Categories may be blank/null for new Canadian companies
Shipping Packages created in Packaging Manager should link to Invoices if not licensed for Shipment Workstation integration
Shipping Getting “Arguments are of the wrong type…” error when packaging shipments by stocking units.
Vendor Deleting a vendor from the vendor tab of a product may cause an error
Web Store Web Store Integration with Magento version 2.2
Web Store Ebay Shipment Export is returning “Duplicate request, seller has already marked paid” on shipments that did not previously exist in Ebay.
Web Store Magento Web Store may export data even though all export options are set to No
Web Store Downloading orders from ChannelAdvisor may skip orders
Web Store Unable to sync with eBay, Status returned by eBay: Failure, classification: Request, severity: Error, error code 518 Call usage limit has been reached
Web Store Reduce duplicate shipment exports to an integrated web store within the same day
Web Store Magento v1 may report “Encryption key is not 32 characters long…” warning for 256 bit encryption keys