Version 10.3 sp4

Version 10.3 sp4 is the fourth service pack for version 10.3. It includes over 65 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance.

Version 10.3 sp4 was generally available on October 15, 2018 (Build 4912). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • BCC Email field (per user in config mgr) to improve CRM/email integrations
  • Numerous fixes for lot/serial numbers on assemblies and other transactions
  • More fixes related to latest Crystal Reports updates
  • Added Terms Code and Route to Sales Order Manager
  • More fixes to pop-ups during Sales Order entry

The full release notes are listed below:

Component Summary
Attachments Write to file failed run time error when trying to view PDF generated from batch invoicing
Business Alerts Special Order lines are being included in recommended reorder qty in the Inventory Management / Reorder wizard
Configuration “Invalid property value” may occur when opening Mobile Options for Inventory Receipts in Configuration Manager
Create Company Out of memory error on retrieving invoices during create company
Create Company Query timeout expired error received on payment application sync
Customer “View Customer” in the Customer Invoice window closes Customer Invoice window
Customer “Synchronize transactions as” customer will carry over into newly created customers
Customer “Incorrect Syntax” error when adding a Customer Contact with an apostrophe in the Contact ID.
Customer No pop up for sales orders assigned to other reps when selecting the order from the customer order tab
Database Maintenance Backing up an Acctivate company may not use the linked Database Source
Database Maintenance “Execute with results failed for database…” message returned logging into Acctivate after restoring a SQL Backup to a different SQL Server
EDI EDI Sales Order Import (850) should use Sales Unit of Measure by default with option to ignore for existing users
EDI Update SPS Commerce default FTP server address to *
Email Default BCC email field per user for emails sent from within Acctivate
Import Mapped Field should display field name, not ID/number, when “First row of spreadsheet contains field names”
Import “Query timeout expired” during Assembly Component Import referencing Inventory:ProductContainsComponent
Import Import fails when making actual cost lot / serial numbered item a component of itself.
Import Creating a data import template with the same name as a webstore template will overwrite the webstore template
Import Import Data will ignore the last line of a spreadsheet if number of records in file is multiple of ten plus one
Inventory Scanning a lot or serial number barcode adds a carriage return after the value for Inventory Transfers (desktop)
Inventory “Object variable…” error when multiple lot or serial numbers are added for component in an assembly transaction
Inventory Incorrect lot/serial numbers shown for component product on Assembly after previously saving an Assembly transaction with a lot/serial number assigned to a component.
Inventory Don’t warn for a missing lot or serial number for Inventory Receipts and Transfers until attempting to post
Inventory Unable to select lot/serial number when adding same product multiple times on an Inventory Transfer
Login File -> Change Company does not automatically set focus to the User ID box
Lookup “The multi-part identifier “pa.AltProductID” could not be bound.” received when opening windows in Acctivate.
Mobile Product prices may appear for users with Product Price permissions on Mobile Order Entry and Product Info windows
Mobile Mobile product location tab should exclude locations with zero quantity on hand
Mobile Enable lot/Serial number scanning for components of an assembly in Acctivate Mobile
Mobile NullReferenceException when receiving a PO for the first time on mobile devices.
Mobile Receive in purchase units posts receipt as if stocking units were used
Mobile Mobile receipts should trim any leading/trailing white space from lot/serial numbers.
Mobile When picking an order on Mobile the order detail’s headers do not display if Locations is turned off.
Mobile Receive “The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached.” when printing from mobile
Product Kits warehouse locations are missing from the product window when not using Multiple Location module
Product Run-time error after removing Inventory Management quantity and clicking on another Warehouse
Purchasing Approved Price and Amount may be calculated incorrectly if the line was excluded from a prior PO Invoice
Purchasing PO Invoice Approved quantity shows 0 if set to 0 on previous Invoice.
Reports Previously run report may populate instead of the desired report
Reports Suppressed detail records may be included in Crystal Reports CSV export
Reports “Object variable or With block variable not set” when clicking Printer Set up on the Report Selection Criteria window
Sales Order Sales Order tabs not consistent when two new sales order windows are opened at the same time.
Sales Order Add “Terms Code” column and filter for Sales Order Manager
Sales Order Add Route to Order Manager filter and columns
Sales Order Customer Contract Prompt does not occur when creating order from Customer window
Sales Order Ship to Location Popup appears twice when opening an order, then editing, then saving.
Sales Order Invoice quantity is not the same as the quantity on the Credit Memo
Sales Order Only inventoried items should affect the Order Scheduled Icon in Order Manager.
Sales Order Product Popup Notes show when scrolling through Sales Order in Edit Mode
Sales Order Unable to set Other Charge items to zero scheduled quantity when negative
Sales Order Import Imported orders mask payment reference number when payment method not a type of Credit Card
Shipping Allow carrier and carrier service to be imported into Acctivate with shipments
Shipping Packages show on Sales order even if the Shipment is marked as cancelled
Shipping Automatic Package option in Package manager packages components of kit products in separate cartons based on their package units.
Synchronization Invalid Amount Format error on synchronization for invoices with detail total amounts with more than 2 numbers after the decimal when using Prices Include VAT option for Reckon (Australia) accounts.
Synchronization “[SynchronizeQBPayments][SyncRS]ACCTivate (94) Invalid use of Null ” Sync Error
Synchronization QuickBooks payments synchronization may report “FindQBPayment could not get list ID for …” if the customer’s transactions are synchronized to a different customer
Synchronization Tax-inclusive invoices synchronized to Reckon (Australia) may incorrectly include a “Tax Discrepancy” line
Web Store Magento v2.x connector imports does not convert date to local time
Web Store Ebay shipment export should treat WebOrderNumber as WebOrderID if WebOrderID is null
Web Store Ignore errors from ebay when shipment response is “Duplicate request, seller has already marked paid.”
Web Store Channel Advisor webstore sync is not exporting inventory quantities
Web Store Channel Advisor is using LastUpdateDate rather than OrderTime even when OrderTime is specified
Web Store Acctivate should update Total Qty on ChannelAdvisor instead of Available Quantity
Web Store Receive exception error When syncing multiple specific order numbers in MagentoV2
Web Store Add ChannelAdvisor template option to extend ‘Timestamp of the last web order imported’ by a certain amount of time.