Version 10.3 sp5

Version 10.3 sp5 is the fifth service pack for version 10.3. It includes 34 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance.

Version 10.3 sp5 was generally available on December 18, 2018 (Build 4925). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Workaround for bugs in recent Windows 10 update (1809 and later).
  • Fixes for Inventory Assembly components (locations and lot numbers)
  • Improved parsing of values from multi-part barcodes in Acctivate Mobile
  • Fixed problems where Acctivate.exe may still be running from a prior session (or after a crash)
  • Lookup window improvements:
    • narrower column resizing
    • Fix bug causing column changes to be lost

The full release notes are listed below:

Component Summary
Business Alerts With Group by vendor selected in the Reorders tab Assemblies still show up with Hide Assemblies selected
Configuration Clicking out of the blank Report Description definition field when adding a report to Custom Reports in Configuration Manager closes Acctivate
Configuration Acctivate Mobile configuration options may be erroneously shown as enabled in Configuration Manager
Create Company Object variable or With block variable not set Copying Invoices during Create Company
Custom Fields “Unable to bind to field” error when creating new sales orders with custom check box fields
Database Maintenance Trying to restore a backup in Database Maintenance returns “The Acctivate company database is in use…”
General Acctivate.exe process stuck after Acctivate crashes
General Opening sales orders or creating a new sales order leads to “Length of NEW column color cannot be zero” error
Inventory Lot Not Established For Component With Negative Assembly Build In New Warehouse
Inventory Inventory Assembly keeps pulling components from blank locations upon posting
Inventory Zones not being assigned on count sheet for lot or serial numbered items listed in bin locations
Inventory Selected lot numbers may disappear from the assembly receipts grid
Inventory “Object variable or With block variable not set” when clicking on Lot numbered line
Inventory Object variable or With block variable not set received selecting Inventory Assembly Session
Inventory Selecting lot/serial numbers for components on an Inventory Assembly may return a “BOF or EOF…” error or the column may become unresponsive.
Lookup Allow Qty fields in Product lookup to have a smaller width
Mobile Barcodes with unknown GS1 application identifiers may not be processed correctly
Mobile Quantity should not increase when scanning a location barcode
Mobile Initial product scan during a Mobile blind count will enter a quantity of 2.
Mobile Allow Acctivate mobile to interpret GS1 Application Identifiers in barcodes that are marked as not having AIs
Mobile Option to use Packaging Date (AI 13) to populate Lot/Serial Expiration Date field
Mobile Mobile Inventory Receipt quantities are not saved when entering lot quantities.
Purchasing Insert Row in PO Grid is pre-populated with Product data from previously highlighted row
Reports Hidden option to export Crystal Reports to CSV in “Legacy” format – contact support for more info
Sales Order Changing the ship to location on sales order does not change the contact information
Sales Order Customized Choose Product columns incorrectly reset
Sales Order Pick tickets can still be printed from Print Pick Tickets after being printed by Order Manager
Sales Order FOB does not update when changing customer on an existing order
Sales Order “Either BOF or EOF is True…” when adding a Non-Standard line to a Sales Order
Synchronization Summarize by Customer / Job option for Sales/COGS accounts on journals not specifying customer.
Web Store Exporting shipments back to a Magento webstore may use “custom” for the carrier title instead of Acctivate carrier title
Web Store “Error running database update: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘ImportTemplateOptions_PrimaryKey’…” error received when updating to 10.3 SP3
Web Store Error downloading customers from WooCommerce for orders placed by guests
Web Store In Magento v2 order status export, query and update order based on entity_id instead of increment_id