Version 10.2 sp1

Version 10.2 sp1 is the first service pack for version 10.2. It includes almost 70 improvements to introduce stability and improve performance to the version 10.2 relesae.

Version 10.2 sp1 was generally available on February 6, 2017 (Build 4740). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Fixed memory leaks for auto-open windows (e.g., Business Alerts)
  • Fixed “Connection is busy” errors during batch sales orders (and EDI) imports
  • Run “Update Stats” for SQL databases during upgrades (general performance)
  • Numerous sales order fixes including credit cards, sales tax and special orders
  • Improvements to QuickBooks sync for Avalara sales tax, sales reps, and multiple currencies
  • Changes to usage of Actian/Pervasive.SQL drivers for CYMA edition
  • First round of improvements to Sales Order Manager, new in 10.2

The full release notes are listed below:

Configuration Actian PSQL (Pervasive) ODBC driver causes Microsoft SQL Server to crash for CYMA customers
Create Company Product Class is not set for Non-Inventory Parts from QuickBooks
Create Company Create Company deletes database tables.
Customer “Customer Contacts” user permission
Customer Customer Account permission should restrict changes to Customer Name, Job, “Sync as”, and Ship To Name / Address
Customer ENTER or double-click no longer drill-down on Products tab of Customer Information window
Customer Ctrl+Shift.. shortcuts for Products tab of Customer Information (for Products and Lot/Serial)
Database Maintenance Run SQL Server sp_updatestats during database upgrades
EDI EDI Orders Created With No Bill To and/or Ship To Address Data Or Customer
EDI “Connection is busy” errors cause EDI Orders and Shipments to be missed
EDI EDI 945 transaction file returns “Index was outside the bounds of the array” error during import when weight column is missing from item.
Email ‘Object variable or With block variable not set’ when sending emails.
Email Default invoice email template doesn’t populate when batch emailing invoices.
Email Text of email message flashes while typing message after every key press
Email In the Order Manager, when sending email for one order, the attached PDF file does not appear until the user resizes the email window
General Exception searching custom fields when custom field Name and Caption are different.
General “Open [window] Automatically” user options can leak GDI objects, leading to “Out of Memory” errors
Import Product import does not fail when the Product Class and Product Type are invalid.
Import Product import passes rows with invalid vendor
Import Invalid use of Null exception occurs if importing a product when sales unit does not match one in the system
Installation tbAccessPermission error on PriceCheck update from version prior to Price Check feature
Inventory Inventory receipt session from PO gets saved even if you select No to save transaction
Inventory Unit Cost for Serial Number still displays as original cost after Balance Adjustment is posted to set cost to $0
Inventory Adding Specific Product to Sales Order Crashes Acctivate
Lookup Purchase Order Lookup by Vendor or Vendor name gets stuck in Loading Loop and throws an exception.
Lookup Object variable or With block variable not set – Customer Inquiry – bFindCustomer_Click
Notes “Added by” label for Notes is slightly out of alignment
Pricing Price code duplicates on the Pr. Cd. Lookup on sales orders.
Pricing Allow Price Unit to be blank for Percentage-based Price Category Prices
Product “Cannot delete warehouse with an OnHand quantity” when trying to remove a Labor item from a warehouse
Product “Incorrect syntax near ‘,’ ” exception may appear when clicking View product on sales orders
Product “Object doesn’t support this property or method” error received when opening multiple Purchase Orders from Product History
Purchasing Purchase Order line 1 disappears and throws and exception when you follow specific steps.
Purchasing Unable to enter a Vendor Product ID on a Purchase Order
Purchasing Syntax error may occur when creating Purchase Order
Reports Report Printer Assignment does not save Paper Source or Duplex setting
Sales Order “Either BOF or EOF…” exception when viewing a component of Kit on a Sales Order
Sales Order “Transaction amount must be positive” sync error for invoices with negative sub-total and Avalara sales tax causing total equal to or greater than $0.00
Sales Order Special Order Items do not automatically schedule when posting an inventory receipt linked to a PO referencing multiple sales orders
Sales Order Unable to close Enter Lots window due to “Lot Number is required” loop
Sales Order Entering a product on an order and tabbing doesn’t seem to move the cursor to the next field.
Sales Order Invalid use of Null when creating an invoice with a $0.00 payment amount with Charge CC option
Sales Order Unit Price changes on the Sales Order display on the Invoices related to the order as well (CYMA)
Sales Order Creating a Credit memo from a Sales order does not copy the Contact information from the order.
Sales Order “Credit card number is required” when capturing credit card authorization imported from web store
Sales Order Payment discrepancy warning icon appears for sales orders with no payment
Sales Order Refreshing Order Manager should check tbOrderPackagesText for records.
Sales Order Implement Customer Type values drop-down in Order Manager filter window
Sales Order “Cannot find Product or Warehouse, Order ******, Line Number 1 (********), CreateInvoice[SELECT * FROM tbINVTransactionDetail WHERE 1=0]” Received when Batch Invoicing on 10.2.
Sales Order “[fOrder].[gOrderDetails_RowLoaded]:no warehouse defined on line 1, subline 0, product …” when editing a sales order with an Other Charge item
Sales Order “Amount required if charging credit card” received when selecting credit card payment method and charging card when creating invoice.
Sales Order “Automation Error The object invoked has disconnected from its clients” when adding a particular product to a sales order.
Sales Order Restrict changes to Product on a Special Order line after the Special Order PO has been created
Sales Order “Narrowing cast from UShort(0) to Integer(0) in DefaultIfNull” error occurs
Sales Order “Object variable or With block variable not set” errors follow almost every error during UpdateOrder
Sales Order Invalid Use Of Null error processing Invoices if the credit card is expired and the there is no payment method on the order
Sales Order Import Cannot find the input table or query ‘tbImport’ during Sales Order Import when first row field names is unchecked
Sales Tax Sales Tax may calculate incorrectly between the Invoice lines and header in CYMA edition
Synchronization “Could not find link” error when salesperson is linked to Other Name in QuickBooks
Synchronization Salesperson name is not updated in Acctivate after changes are made to the related employee in QuickBooks
Synchronization “You cannot use the same tax item in both the line items and the txn tax” error during Invoice sync when using AvaTax
Synchronization Exchange rate of a Sales Invoice may change in QuickBooks after the Invoice is modified in Acctivate.
User Interface Save Sales Order Manager column sorting, sizing, and positions per user per button
User Interface Product Class choose General Ledger Account by Account Number causes Loading Error
Web Store “…exception #102: Cannot create an empty shipment. (Subdocument ‘shipment’)” may be returned when exporting shipments to Magento
Web Store WooCommerce returns “Sorry, you cannot list resources.” when connecting via HTTPS
Web Store WooCommerce connector only syncs last 10 or so orders
Web Store WooCommerce Template XPath for Delete and Skip messages
Web Store Ability to import multiple discount codes to Acctivate via WooCommerce webstore.